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Trip from Central Nj to Conway NH

Wed Aug 16, 2017 6:46 pm

Quick summary of trip.

Made a trip with our 2017 Chevrolet Bolt from Princeton, NJ to Conway, New Hampshire (near Mt Washington). Total distance was about 840 miles.

Made 2 stops each way at ChargePoint stations and topped off battery on both ends. One stop in Milford Ct. The other in Lowell, MA.

Used about 87 kw each way (about 170 kw total about 4.0 miles to kw ChargePoint was 100 kw) so I could have had just had one stop each way if I could be sure of a charger and it was working. I didn’t want to take a chance.

At Milford, one station was working, the other had problems. At Lowell station, it works but took several times to get a reliable charge. The Lowell was free so I didn’t care how many times it took.

Milford was $10 per session. The one I attached to first died 10 minutes in. ChargePoint charged me and I will have to fight that bill out.

We ran A/C 50% of time but weather was cool so we did not need to run all the time.

Couple of things to mention.

1. Use ChargePoint and get a card or use the app to connect. Charge point Charges by session so a could top off 2 out of 3 times.
2. After the charger goes to reduced charge after 80% full just leave. Unless you need the range, it takes a long time after that.
3. Never saw more than 49KW on a charge rate. Mostly lower. I believe the charger is at faulty here.
4. A/C takes a big hit on range. Glad I didn’t need it too much.
5. I ran speed limit entire trip and used cruise control whenever possible.
6. Total electric cost out of pocket to ChargePoint was $20, but Lowell was free.
7. Not happy with Waze for Android Auto. Google maps ok but needs some work.
8. Used WIFI hotspot entire trip with streaming Amazon Music, 1 I-phone and one tablet. No issues.

The Bolt ran good and no issues. We need a better mapping system to plot long distance trips with charging stations.
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