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Re: What MPGe are you getting?

Posted: Mon Dec 03, 2018 7:31 pm
by PackardV8
The learning curve of predicting driving range going from an ICE to an EV is as great as going from a big truck ICE to a compact ICE. There's just so much variance one has to do the work and the math himself to have any confidence in his expectations.

In our northern tier, over the course of the year, the outside temps vary 100 degrees. For our October-May use, plugging in at night, so as to be able to condition the battery and the interior while on the grid should be SOP.

Then, there's urban versus highway percentages. That EV range drops more precipitously as speed increases than does a typical ICE is a rude shock to most who aren't willing to drive 55. That EV range increases more during urban stop-and-go where an ICE decreases is a pleasant surprise.

GM has included a somewhat useless energy use loghrythm which includes "Terrain" and "Climate" to furnish a net score. We live on a hilltop and in a climate where it gets hot and cold; it would be interesting to know why GM thought we'd need alerted to that and that those reduce range.

jack vines