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Re: charging at dealer?

Fri Apr 13, 2018 3:41 pm

The dealer I got mine from in BC has 2 L2 charger free to the public and as far as I know they don't discriminate, I saw a fiat plugged in there once. Last I checked they didn't have L3 but they seem eager to jump on the bandwagon. I'm not sure they're accessible after hours.

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Re: charging at dealer?

Wed Apr 18, 2018 6:05 pm

BoltEV wrote:
jdunmyer wrote:Do Chevy dealers have an EVSE available for L2 charging?

Of course every Chevy dealer selling Volts/Bolts must have chargers to "fuel up" their inventory as needed. Their policy on availability to their customers and other Chevy customers varies.

I got my Bolt home from the dealer lot with about 10 miles of range to spare. This, after sitting on their 110V charger while we did the paperwork. The only charger they have is inside the service bay, plugged into a standard outlet. Not having a dedicated 220V L2 EVSE at home, I relied on 110V and the shiny new car sat in my garage for several days before I dared venture out, shameful.

Funny, but the manager walked by while we were finalizing paperwork and mentioned they always send new owners home with a full tank of gas, not so with EVs. He was trying to be funny, but it was actually quite sad.

GM will need to step it up, or put pressure on dealers. But, dealers stand to lose boatloads of service revenue selling EVs, so they are only motivated to get you in and out the door, little interest in serving you beyond that.

It seems reasonable that they would have at least L2 available for their customers. Ideally, CCS also. Perhaps a special arrangement for GM owners like Nissan has arranged with their No Charge to Charge program if charging at a Dealer location. A CCS unit in the service bay would make sense for topping off new sales, or even EVs in for service.

For new buyers, having a public charger available would also provide a valuable training opportunity. Being new to EV, my first experience with a public charger was a failure. Had the dealer had a CCS on site, they could have used it to demonstrate how to use public chargers, and topped me off before driving off. They could have also demonstrated the difference in charge speeds with L2 and CCS to help educate me. I am learning by surfing forums and web sites, but the majority of drivers know nothing about EV charging.

In the Denver - Colorado Springs area, there appear to be very few CCS locations, mainly Wal Mart (evGo). Most along the route are L2, with a few free L2 locations thanks to local governments promoting the concept. My 120 mile RT commute is no problem in normal weather conditions, but I can't help but wonder if the few extreme weather days might be pressing it. The dealer I bought from is about 20 miles from my home, right on the way to and from work. And there are numerous GM dealers along the route. On those rare days, a quick stop at a GM dealer to add 20 -30 miles might just be the ticket to getting home.

If GM is serious about the EV revolution, charging infrastructure will play a key role in reducing consumer anxiety about taking the plunge and they can help by equipping their dealer locations.
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Re: charging at dealer?

Wed Apr 18, 2018 8:15 pm

I had a similar scenario at purchase. I can understand the cars being shipped with a low charge to minimize risk but they should be plugged in at the Dealer once unloaded. I also believe it is a requirement that a Chevy dealer have a DCFC if they are to sell Bolts. These are mostly 25KWh units but still better than Level 2. Only problem is the dealer I purchased from had one - but it was "not yet installed". I chose a different dealer closer to home for service and found they do have a DCFC installed, however it is in the service bay.

At a minimum, there is no excuse for a dealer selling Bolt's not to have a Level 2 charger...

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Re: charging at dealer?

Wed Apr 18, 2018 8:27 pm

Remember tho that GM is not their dealerships.
GM can require dealerships that sell Volts to have L2 EVSEs. They can require dealerships that sell Bolts to have QCs.

But they can't require them to make them easily available to the public.

Most of the issues I've seen with charging at dealerships is dealer related, not GM.
The QC at my local dealership is in the repair bay. ;-( The L2s are out front, but in prime location, so frequently ICEd... ;-(

Some of these things will onlychange as dealers realize they "have" to be happy about EVs if they want to stay around..
IMHO.. ;-)


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Re: charging at dealer?

Wed Apr 18, 2018 9:24 pm

BoltEV wrote:
SmokingRubber wrote:We hit the L3 charger in Buelton on the way back for his car.

Way back to where?

We picked up his Bolt in Burbank. Stopped in Buelton to charge, then made the final leg back to my place in Arroyo Grande CA. He charged at the hospital near my house for a couple hours then he bounced up the hill to his place in San Miguel CA (50+ miles). He probably could have made it from Burbank to Arroyo Grande in a single shot, but he still had to get to San Miguel. We wanted to stop and utilize a DC fast charger anyway.
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Re: charging at dealer?

Wed Apr 25, 2018 3:11 am

The DCFC's available in San Luis Obispo, at the Marigold Center should have been a good stopping point.

You can "refill" your BoltEV in about 72 minutes there with multiple EVgo's available.

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