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Re: Heat On While Fast Charging?

Fri Jan 31, 2020 8:42 pm

SparkE wrote:Yup. They can be useful for charging (?more than?) twice as quickly while you are off eating lunch, or connected to DCFC, or ...

I NEVER go away from my Bolt EV while DCFC charging without my iPhone.

Whether a 30 minute “top-off, or a 90 minute full recharge, I want to know immediately if something has caused the charging process to stop, so I can quickly restart it (in some cases remotely using the EVGo app, etc.).

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Re: Heat On While Fast Charging?

Fri Feb 14, 2020 11:40 am

BoltEV wrote:
SparkE wrote:If one wishes (needs)more current than the USB ports in the car can provide, buy a 'cigarette lighter' <-> USB charger plug that supplies 3 (or more) amps. There are many to choose from. I have had this one in my cars for years (dual USB, 2.4A each, 4.8A total)

How many amps does do the in-board USB supply?

I previously considered your suggestion; but I must use the in-board USB port to a wired cable in order for Apple CarPlay to function, so I can use both the SiriusXM and Waze apps.

I was thinking about a “Y” cable to an external USB battery pack, when I came across the refurbished Moophie battery case for $10.

The state of USB standards prior to Type-C power delivery is that almost nothing supported what was described as a "Charging Downstream Port" in the battery charging specifications. Prior to Type-C, only a CDP could transfer more than 500 mA (900 for USB 3) and data at the same time.

99% of ports and devices out there only are/support SDP (Standard Downstream Port, 500 mils with data) and DCP (Dedicated Charging Port, over 2A but no data).

I have phones with a Type C connector, so a PD supply like my Nekteck is a no-brainer. I do have concerns about Android Auto, although so far in my parents Forester, having the screen off seems to keep the power budget in check. Type-C power delivery injectors (e.g. can convert a Type A port into a Type-C port with PD) are incredibly rare at the moment.

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