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Infotainment Weirdness

Mon Sep 16, 2019 8:34 pm

Picked up a certified, used 2017 Bolt Premier.
Love this car as transportation it's awesome!
Some strange goings on though with the stereo side of the infotainment system.
I use a USB drive with playlists to listen to music. In the middle of a tune, the system will cut to the radio for a few seconds then back to the music. I thought maybe the bass was too high and was sucking current to the amp until it also does the opposite... radio cuts out to USB.
When this gets too annoying, I pull the USB and all is well. Maybe it has to do with the USB flash memory manufacturer, I don't know.
The other thing is that the 3/8 inch audio connection marked "AUX" is flat out dead.
Using the Google app to connect to the system is pretty flaky. when I first got the car and did the bluetooth pairing, all was well.
Then it just quit. Re-pairing does not help and I can't get the key pass to set up via the phone. The Chevy app works to read the charge, but there is no two way communication. The system recognizes the Moto-G phone, but doesn't go beyond that.
Anyone with a similar experience?

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Re: Infotainment Weirdness

Thu Sep 19, 2019 1:47 am

Mine has been rock solid so far. But since you got the extra wty, just use it. Maybe it needs a software update. My Bluetooth seems fine although I USB to use Google Maps, at least once I figured out that not all cables are Apple CarPlay compatible.

As for the App, I couldn't get it to work at all even after getting 3 free months of OnStar. The problem seems to be that the app conflicts with the KeyPass thing. I reinstalled the app, and didn't set up Keypass, and now I have no trouble with the app remotely doing preconditioning, etc. Except that it can't talk to the car when it's in my garage, but outside no issues.
2017 Bolt EV Premier

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