Re: "propulsion power is reduced"

Sat Aug 12, 2017 4:56 am

beback wrote:---------------------
I wonder what the phone app shows at that point.
I had range anxiety and forgot to look at the phone reading.
Got to do it again )

The last thing I want to do when I have range anxiety and I am trying to stabilize my last few KWs is to pull over and look at the phone app!

They must incorporate it into the screen!!

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Re: "propulsion power is reduced"

Sat Aug 12, 2017 6:10 pm

MichaelLAX wrote:
redpoint5 wrote:Is 0 miles range really near actual shutdown point, unlike every petrol powered vehicle?

There is no 0 miles!

The Mileage Gauge goes to LOW at about 20 miles left. There is no numeric showing of miles after that as I discovered on my Las Vegas to Victorville drive at 70 MPH to 3% battery remaining.

Good info!

Based on a previous comment, it appears the car will continue to drive with reduced power until reaching 0% state of charge. It would be great if Chevy included a %SoC gauge, but I'm sure aftermarket solutions can provide that info. Perhaps Torque with the correct PIDs programmed would accomplish this.

What would be very cool is a gauge that showed overall miles/kWh, instantaneous miles/kWh, and remaining kWh. This would be akin to overall MPG, instantaneous MPG, and gallons of fuel remaining in a petrol vehicle. With these figures, very accurate estimates of range can be made.

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Re: "propulsion power is reduced"

Mon Aug 14, 2017 12:13 pm

MichaelLAX wrote:
PV1 wrote:Most every other EV out there has a reserve below 0 miles. The i-MiEV has about 5 extra miles hidden. The Volt, I understand, has 2-3 miles when the battery and gas tank are empty. I haven't had my Bolt long enough to even get down to 25% let alone all the way empty.

Typically, 0 miles would be between 4-10% SoC and shutdown would be 0% SoC.

My Volt 1.0 did not show miles when that low.

It won't. When the i-MiEV runs low on charge, the range gauge counts all the way down to 2, then goes to ---. At that point, it is mental math based on SoC on how far you have left. --- occurs at about 10% charge (even though the gauge is empty and the turtle light is on). There are two Android apps that can read detailed stats on the i-MiEV, and both show %SoC. I've personally driven 4 miles beyond --- with 5% charge left (although you'd never see it on the dash).

Regarding the Volt, I watched a video where someone drove around a city block until the car stopped, but they had a 2 gallon gas can with them to get going again.
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