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power grid surge

Sat Jan 20, 2018 6:53 pm

There was a grid problem in my neighborhood. Everyone's electricity went haywire for a few minutes- lights dimmed and over-illuminated, computers and devices shut down, a power strip caught fire (at my neighbor's house).

I was charging my Bolt w/ level 1 charger and a dedicated 20 amp circuit. When I checked the car, it was displaying the yellow "problem" light on the dash. This was while the neighborhood grid was still unstable. Then the Bolt gave a loud bang, or pop. It's volume was loud, kind of like a door slamming, but it seemed electrical in nature.

I unplugged the charge cord. Later I test drove the car- no problems. I even plugged in the charge cable for 2-3 minutes w/o trouble.

Does anyone know if the vehicle is protected from a grid related power spike, or power surge? It's a new vehicle and I'm a bit worried to operate the charging system.


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