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Re: Benefits of OnStar

Thu Jul 06, 2017 1:13 am

I have not renewed Onstar and never used it for navigation. In fact, I don't even use Android Auto. I turn off Bluetooth when I'm in the car because I don't like the way it takes over my phone and drains the battery.

I could use Google maps via Android Auto on the Bolt if I plug it in but I'm "old school" and, when I am not familiar w/the route/destination, I just print out maps of the route/destination in advance, which I commit to memory and carry in the car for reference as needed.

If I need to check the location "live," I just turn on my phone, open location services and scan my current location to get my bearings.

Don't like being otherwise "tech" dependent. Works for me.
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Re: Benefits of OnStar

Thu Jul 06, 2017 3:17 pm

The cost may be somewhat mitigated by lower insurance rates if you have a plan that includes stolen vehicle tracking/disabling. Check with your company. Families with teen drivers, or elderly drivers, may also find it comforting to be able to locate the vehicle any time.

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Re: Benefits of OnStar

Fri Aug 04, 2017 2:54 am

See current thread on notifications. Just threw in my two cents worth. Use that onstar button. They are chatty peeps. As far as long term option, I'm at the end of my trial already. Sorta miss some of it. Doing an evaluation right now as to what I want to use...or what I need. Grin

It is handy. The value is in your eyes. We all look at it from different angles.

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Re: Benefits of OnStar

Mon Aug 07, 2017 8:27 pm

I use OnStar for the LTE/wifi data only.

Personally, I found OnStar support for actual issues useless.

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Re: Benefits of OnStar

Tue Jun 05, 2018 7:40 pm

I realize this is an old thread, but as a new Bolt owner, I am new to and wondering about ongoing OnStar. Plus, you guys all have another year under your belt so might have updated experience from when this was last active.

When I bought the car, I was told I would get +3 months of trial with a Credit Card. So, I did that. I am coming up on 3 months and the account does not reflect the extra 3 months. So, this raises a few questions:

At this point, I expect I will only want the Basic plan (free for 5 years).

* I use Car Play for Navigation, and it uses the in car GPS\Antennna to get better GPS signals according to Apple documentation.
* I have Unlimited LTE with TMo so no need for the Hotspot. I don't plan to use this car in areas where TMo lacks coverage, my ICE will be the long trip car.
* I have AAA for Roadside Assistance, and GM provides RA through the powertrain warranty period.
* I keep the key fob in my pocket at all times, and phone is in a wallet case, so I don't envision ever locking myself out.

In short, I cannot see using any of the services offered in any of the plans other that the Basic tier.

So, do I have to call the 888 number (or Blue OnStar button in car) before the 3 (or 6) month trial ends? No online account management other than adding services that I can see.

If I understand, enabling hotspot on the phone, then connecting the Bolt to the phone network would replace the OnStar LTE connection? And guests could connect to either the phone directly, or the car's hotspot?
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Re: Benefits of OnStar

Fri Jun 08, 2018 5:58 am

from what you are describing i think your cell data is all you need. i have an unlimited plan as well and that is all i use for my bolt.

you should call onstar to cancel. make sure to document who you spoke to. after a couple of days, call back to make sure your account has a cancelled status. onstar charged my credit card on file for 2 months after i cancelled. when i noticed i called them out on it and they did do a refund, but it was a headache hunting down couple of people/department.

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Re: Benefits of OnStar

Fri Jun 08, 2018 7:47 pm

cruftbox wrote:I use OnStar for the LTE/wifi data only.

Personally, I found OnStar support for actual issues useless.

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Re: Benefits of OnStar

Sat Jun 23, 2018 5:58 am

Save your money.

I've had two GM EVs and I never found any use for Onstar beyond the ultra basic start-from-the-app feature, which is really only useful when I'm far from the car (finishing lunch and not wanting to go back to a hot car and can't use the keyfob) but other than that, useless. The data is overpriced, and it's not actually satellite, so if you really ARE stranded in the middle of nowhere, it's not going to work anyway.

Regarding nav, I wasn't impressed. Waze on Android Auto is just way too useful in crazy traffic, and to the person who toggles bluetooth, location, and checks map location, I'm guessing you're stopped when this is going on? Also, plug the phone in, or use the Qi charger in the center console - they do wonders for battery life ;)

And as for stolen vehicles? In LA, 1500 cars get stolen every week. Onstar expects to activate slowdown on 600 cars a YEAR. Nationwide? Wooo big deal!!

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