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Sadly Chevrolet is supporting Trump's attack on California's fuel standards.

Mon Nov 25, 2019 10:30 pm

After Trump rescinded the Obama fuel efficiency standards, CA said they'd keep their 51mpg goal. So Trump is trying to strip CA of the power to set such a standard. And sadly, while automakers are taking sides, GM/Chevrolet is taking the Trump side :x

I guess the broader GM/Chevrolet team isn't focused on the Bolt demographic. I encourage you to let your dealer know you're not happy with this. And sign https://www.change.org/p/gm-encourage-a ... nomy-rules

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Re: Sadly Chevrolet is supporting Trump's attack on California's fuel standards.

Fri Nov 29, 2019 5:12 pm

And Toyota, Subaru, Mazda etc. Basically every legacy manufacturer that is way behind in EV development because they misread the future. The leadership has spent 40 years in ICE development and it's all they know. With 20+ new EV's coming to market in the next couple years they are doing whatever they can to avoid losing a lot of marketshare until they can ramp up their own models, and new car development is a 4-5 year task. Once you get to year 3 of that timeline your platform, body, and interior is mostly locked in. Of course they get plenty of feedback from their dealer network who is telling them loudly that they'll go out of business without the service side of the house, and then how is Chevy going to sell anything at all? Their cash cow is dead but they don't know it yet.

It's just a delaying tactic which I don't think is going to work very well. Once the mainstream EV's arrive and the common people actually ride in one and hear the truth about them, the new ICE cars are going to be damn hard to sell. But at least those with lower incomes will have access to some incredibly inexpensive upscale gas vehicles that they otherwise couldn't afford, and as EV's ramp up that gasoline stuff will be a glut and become cheaper for them also. But there will be an awesome 10 years of used ICE cars until that entire market collapses. Now of course we didn't get to 200 million ICE cars overnight so EV's will take some time to take over but it's going to be a huge upward swing. And right now, at least in the USA, it needs to be slower anyway because we just can't add the charging infrastructure fast enough for the millions of dwellers in apartments, condo's, and people that only have street parking.
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Re: Sadly Chevrolet is supporting Trump's attack on California's fuel standards.

Sat Mar 07, 2020 2:35 pm

I think this week's announcement re: batteries and 10 new EV models kind of illustrates why GM was opposed to tougher MPG standards.

To achieve higher MPG, engineering costs need to be spent on ICEmobiles. But, GM apparently wants to put their R&D money into BEVs.

It seems to me, more BEV on the road > higher MPG ICE WRT emissions impact.

I get it that those opposed to Trump even taking a breath are put out by anyone who supports any of his ideas, but GM was pretty clear they were interested in a single standard, and putting money elsewhere. If GM is successful in reaching million BEV sales per year by 2025 or whatever they suggested, that will clearly put them in a leadership position for the future. It means a million fewer ICE at any MPG on the road, surely a big deal!
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