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2020 owners!

Posted: Thu Jan 09, 2020 7:57 am
by gpsman
Any 2020 owners out there?

I'm interested to hear your DCFC experiences.

I have read elsewhere the max. DCFC rate is still 55 kw but it now charges at high rate at much colder temperatures, and maybe, just maybe for a wider swath of battery state of charge range. Chevy advertised 1.5 times faster charging in cold weather and 1.1 times faster charging in mild weather.

I see a reduction in charge speed at 60 degrees so 2020 may have more advantages then people realize. Anyone try it yet? Would love to see a new charge curve and where the step downs are for 2020. My 3 year lease is up soon on my 2017.

Also you probably heard the battery is 10% more capacity (66 kWh vs 60 kWh now) yet weighs about 15 pounds less.