Center console and service lift questions

Thu Jul 19, 2018 1:32 am


I've got a couple of questions I've not seen posted, maybe I've missed them. 2017 Bolt Premier, btw. All updated software.

1. Occasionally when I turn on the car, the center console displays 'BoltEV' and does nothing else for several minutes. When it does finally 'wake up' it resets what I was listening to (I listen to audio books from a USB stick, so this is quite annoying). Of course, while this condition exists, I have no control over my heating/AC, which can also be quite annoying. Other that a reboot (read, audio books annoying bit), I've been able to find nothing about this on the internet. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

2. When taking the Bolt to a service location of some sort, say a tire shop, are there any precautions they should be made aware of regarding putting the Bolt on a lift? Will 'normal' placement of the lift arms/pads, etc, be acceptable?


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