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Re: Of grid solar charging

Tue Nov 14, 2017 4:20 pm

Happy to see I’m not alone in feeling that the huge 60kwh battery in the Bolt may make a great place to dump excess solar production.
We are going through a spell of weather that
Is mostly cloudy so my 7500w solar array is struggling to keep my 48kwh lead acid storagebank filled
Each day so EV charging is not on the table right now
I can switch to grid supplied power any time and have been using the grid to charge the Bolt .

I have been collecting plug in hybrid battery packs from Ford energi plug in vehicles
The packs use lithium Nickle manganese cobalt oxide NMG type chemistry and the cells are 27 AH
Each rack of 21 batteries can be reconfigured as 1
567AH cell by putting the cells in parallel
Have 16 racks to make a 48V battery
To add to my lead acid solar storage bank.
Hope to get this additional 27kwh of storage on line
soon and hopefully some sunny days to charge it all up
At that point I should be able to charge the Bolt off stored solar energy and still run the house and shop
Off grid.
Too many projects not enough time.

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Re: Of grid solar charging

Tue Nov 14, 2017 7:54 pm

MikeDabrowski2017 wrote:Too many projects not enough time.

I feel this way simply keeping up a 60-year-old house. I envy the time (and skill!) you have to undertake those projects. Before I traded in my Leaf, I toyed with the idea of keeping it and playing around with the battery. But in the end I decided not to.

Keep pushing the envelope!

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