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Re: Bolt winter performance, an ICE comparison

Tue Feb 13, 2018 2:05 am

LeftieBiker wrote:
EldRick wrote:Let me summarize: heat-pumps don't work worth a darn in weather colder than freezing, which afflicts most of the US.
That is why every heat-pump home furnace in the world also has a secondary heat source: a hot-wire electric heater component, to take over from the heat-pump when it's cold out.
So there is very little point in a heat-pump in a car. It would add mechanical components that add cost and wear out and break, and would only save a bit of energy for those in California-mild climate.
The only reason the Leaf has one is because they had a tiny battery, and needed to save every possible watt-hour to provide any interior heat at all.

Let me summarize: you are mistaken. Heat pumps are useful down to almost ten degrees below Freezing, and this means that they will be useful for about 90% of the year - 100% in many climates. GM chose to do without one to save themselves money, not because "there is very little point in a heat-pump in a car." It's kind of sad to see people rationalizing every mistake or cheap-out that GM commits. The Bolt is a very good little car. If they fix the seats, road noise, and wasteful heating system it will become a great little car.

And let me add... we need more quick charging infrastructure.

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Re: Bolt winter performance, an ICE comparison

Tue Feb 13, 2018 6:57 am

What we *really* need are vehicles that support ultra-fast charging (at least 150 kW up to, say, 50% SoC).

IMO, The most important thing to make BEVs more palatable to more people (especially those with only 1 vehicle) is faster charging capability in the vehicle. When cars are widely available that can charge at 150 kW, BEVs will get rid of the true major holdback for people. That "but what if I want to drive to ..." is as much about (if not more-so) having to wait for 60 minutes to add 150 miles of range than it is by "lack of charging stations". It is possible today to drive from California's northern border to its southern border in a Bolt, as well as drive to Las Vegas and Reno. There are, today, CCS charging stations already sited (sites chosen) and approved and budgeted to make it even easier, and possible to easily drive into AZ. But there are currently NO vehicles that will charge at 150 kW (350 amps) using CCS. Heck, *I* take an ICE vehicle if I want to drive more than about 300 miles. It's not that I *can't* recharge - it's that I don't want to wait at the dam station for the electrons drip-dripping into the battery. If I could add 120 miles in 15 minutes (e.g., a 300 amp draw @ 400V) - then yeah, I *would* use my BEV to drive to L.A. or San Diego or Reno or Eugene, OR. It isn't lack of *stations* holding me back - it's lack of capability in the *vehicles*. By the time 150 kW-capable CCS vehicles are generally available, there will be a substantial network of charging stations installed and ready to charge them. In California, they are already planned. And that isn't counting the 2 OTHER networks (not funded by CEC) that are being put in place over the next 2-4 years : VW's "dieselgate" network, and Ionity (which are going in all over the country).

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Re: Bolt winter performance, an ICE comparison

Thu Mar 22, 2018 5:53 am

GetOffYourGas wrote:
I'm not sure how that relates to the question. Are those the tires that OilerLord is using? Did I miss where he mentioned that?

I have a set of 225-50/R-17 Pirelli-Winter SOTTOZERO 3 tires on the Benz. They stop well in winter...but from experience, I think these may be HRR tires. I've had a dramatic reduction in range with these tires. I guess I might have been able to find skinnier tires that would fit, but I think it's best to follow the recommended sizes on the door label. (Our) Costco wouldn't install any size outside of what the manufacturer recommends for the car.
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