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Re: Sub $250 month lease - when will it happen?

Fri Apr 13, 2018 1:03 pm

The mechanics of leasing aren't rocket science yet if one can only comprehend "but GM isn't giving up the full $7500 off" and not "$0 out of pocket, 35 months of sub $250 is a great deal!" no one will want to help them get a deal...

Like most automakers, lease offers and GM Factory incentives change month to month (usually first Monday of month-first Sunday of the month)...

To get these great leases you need the following...
1. Favorable lease month, high residuals and low MF...
2. Favorable GM factory incentives (NOT state/local/tax incentives), last month GM offered $2500 lease conquest then you usually need stack another $1000 off incentive into the deal...
3. HUGE dealership discount off of the SALES price...This means before any incentives...

I am NOT a Bolt lease deal compiler, yet on the "lease hack" websites I have ONLY seen a half dozen dealerships all in California offering these low lease deals/huge dealerships discounts, so of Chevy's roughly 3K dealerships that means 99.99% will not get this deal...

Disclaimer, you are welcome to give it your best shot to point out your perceived high moral compass by shaming the following statement...GM knows about the incentive hacks and has never closed these loopholes...If you do not qualify for the GM Factory incentives, it's entirely up to your perceived morals if you want to try and "hack" to gain incentive Authorization Codes...I'll give you a hint, certain Corporate departments give out manually generated Supplier Discount Authorization codes like candy to anyone who complains about their negative GM experience...There are loopholes to qualify for most incentives since GM allows most incentives...

Max deals have already been reported $0 out of pocket with punts the first month payment into the remaining 35 months of the 36 month lease to below $199/mo to the leasing lending GM Financial and once state/local/tax incentives are factored in a sub-$100/mo EFFECTIVE payment...

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Re: Sub $250 month lease - when will it happen?

Sun Apr 15, 2018 2:58 pm

We leased in November 2017. 0$ down, $250/mo. Total 3-year lease cost $9,000. 10,000 miles. We live in the San Joaquin Valley, the most polluted valley in the USA. Total subsidies here are $6,000. Net cost $3,000 or $84/mo. Another couple got the same deal we negotiated. So it wasn't a one-off deal for the dealer.

We had some early issues with the car but it is working fine now. See my posts elsewhere.

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Re: Sub $250 month lease - when will it happen?

Sun Apr 15, 2018 5:20 pm

Yet more evidence life isn't fair. Many of the lease deals reported above are less than half what both the GM website and our local dealer quoted us here in eastern WA. We'd certainly leased instead of bought if $200 a month had been available. At $450 a month net, not so much.

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Re: Sub $250 month lease - when will it happen?

Sun May 06, 2018 4:52 pm

PackardV8 wrote:our local dealer

This is the problem, one dealer = one price...You can do all your negotiation over email and take an one way flight or even a bus...

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