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Re: Bolt Efficiency, How Accurate?

Tue Jul 10, 2018 10:46 pm

SeanNelson wrote:The most accurate way I know of is to use the "kWh used" value in the "Energy Info" display on the centre screen. It supposedly shows the energy drawn from the battery that's used for any purpose, including propulsion, HVAC and battery conditioning.

You have to add a fudge factor to that to account for the fact that the car's built-in charger isn't 100% efficient, so it draws more power from the wall than it delivers to the vehicle. If you had an energy meter wired to the outlet you use to charge the car then that would give you the most accurate figure.

Best way for me, since I only charge at home, is to look at the juicebox kWh that was put in. That would include the loss while charging.

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Re: Bolt Efficiency, How Accurate?

Mon Jul 30, 2018 6:36 pm

Arob216 wrote:
paulgipe wrote:I was referring to wall source to battery efficiency. It averages about 92% to 94%.

There are some anomalies but typically 92 to 94.

That's not a "revenue grade" kWh meter but should be good enough for this purpose.


Thanks, that is helpful. I would imagine lower efficiency in extreme weather when conditioning and pre-conditioning are used.

I'll know more at the end of the summer, right now I am looking at 84% with conditioning.
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