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Re: Do not use EVgo fast chargers. No, seriously. Just don't.

Tue Aug 07, 2018 5:29 pm

SparkE wrote:No self-identified "EVgo Rep" has ever stuck her/his head in here.

And why should they?

Considering the title of the thread and the clear bias and inaccurate information posted in this thread.

No self-respecting Company wants to “debate” haters.

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Re: Do not use EVgo fast chargers. No, seriously. Just don't.

Tue Aug 07, 2018 9:05 pm

I guess that I wasn't clear enough : No self-identified "EVgo Rep" has ever stuck her/his head on this forum, in any thread.

(Unlike ChargePoint, which has a rather visible and interactive presence on the forum.)

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Re: Do not use EVgo fast chargers. No, seriously. Just don't.

Sat Aug 11, 2018 10:23 pm

SparkE wrote:I would also appreciate some additional detail. When ChargePoint 'forum user' says "all ChargePoint DCFC stations on I-5", does that mean all the stations in the CEC plan, from Yreka in the North (near the Oregon border) down to Santa Clarita in the south?

If so, there appear to be 16 new ChargePoint stations on I-5 in the CEC plan - all 16 will be active by October 2018?

Where should we 'tune in' for any additional official notices on the status of these stations? (Sorry, I'm sure you've provided the URL in the past, but I can't remember it.)

Thank you!

BoltEV wrote:
ChargePoint wrote:Hi!
We expect all ChargePoint DCFC stations on I-5 to be active by October 2018!
We shared that news in our main thread, however, I am not able to share any further updates at this time. :)

Here's that post here in the forum: viewtopic.php?p=31400#p31400

Can you be specific as to the locations active in October 2018?

I'll check in with the team to see if they'll be able to provide a location list so I can then loop back and share with you here, however, all ChargePoint stations are easily found on the ChargePoint station map (on our website and the app) when they're active. So that's definitely a great place to check in normally!

We share all our news on our social channels on Facebook and Twitter, and the press page of the website: and you'll also find the links to our social channels there (I didn't want to kill you with links :) )
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