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Re: EV CHarging at home

Mon Dec 03, 2018 5:37 am

kgundbolt wrote:
SeanNelson wrote:L6-15 is a 240V outlet (the 120V version is L5-15). Nonetheless, you CAN use an adapter because the charger cord (the "EVSE") that comes with the car can work with 120V or 240V. That's not true of all EVEs, so if you buy a different one the same advice may not apply.

The adapter itself won't affect how much power the car gets - that's controlled by the EVSE which will only allow the car to draw 12A from the wall socket. The car will charge twice as fast at 240V as it does at 120V.

All my friends here are scaring me with the idea of plugging in a 120V marked charging cable into a 240V outlet using an adapter. They say that the charger, like phone/laptop chargers does mention like 110V - 240V. I am little skeptical.
Can you please give some more info?

This thread describes how the EVSE that comes with the Bolt works at 240V. The thread relates to the Volt, but both cars come with the same EVSE. Note that this does not say anything about OTHER EVSEs, just the one that comes with the Volt and Bolt.

I've been using my EVSE on 240V for over a year now, it works fine and it's saved me from having to upgrade the panel in my detached garage, which would have been fairly expensive due to the need to run new underground cabling.

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Re: EV CHarging at home

Mon Dec 03, 2018 6:12 pm

If you are scared, don't do it.

For "more info" search this site and find all the other people who have discussed it over the past year or two.

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