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Re: How Much I Paid for My Bolt

Fri Dec 28, 2018 10:50 pm

2019 Bolt Premier with DCFC, Infotainment, Driver Confidence II and black logos. MSRP $43,725. Purchased at $37,725 + DMV fees and taxes from Premier Chevrolet in Buena Park. Three dealers had settled at $5,500 below MSRP, which makes me think there's a package of GM incentives to dealers that total $5,500. One dealer dropped to $5,700 below before holding the line, the other one went to $6,000 below (where I made the purchase). Bought on 12/27/18. Not sure if I could have gotten more on 12/31 but that wouldn't be convenient for me.

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Re: How Much I Paid for My Bolt

Mon Dec 31, 2018 7:40 am

Bought from Team Chevy DGDG in Vallejo, CA. Great experience with their sales team there. Bought 2019 LT Summit White, DCFC, comfort and convenience pkg, confidence pkg, + bonus items: black emblems, all weather floor mats and cargo mat, cargo net, false floor for trunk. $37,700 OTD. I used credit card for a down payment of $2500, in order to get my 1.5% cashback reward. Plan to use the CA clean air rebate to pay it off. If i had to do it all over i would have applied for a new credit card with 0% interest for 12 months and a huge bonus for spending a large sum within the first few months. Felt like it was a fair deal for a car with MSRP of $39,885. Love this car so far. Shout out to K. Elmi our sales guy and his team. Best car buying experience ever.

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Re: How Much I Paid for My Bolt

Wed Jan 09, 2019 1:55 pm

rwill wrote:
xgashole wrote:Dealer Discount ($2,071.00)
Dealer Total $41,055.00
Sales Tax To MA $2,422.00
Title To MA $75.00
Registration To MA $42.50
License Plates MA "EV" $0.00
TOTAL $43,594.50
MA rebate ($2500.00)
Fed tax credit ($7500.00)
FINAL COST $33,594.00

Did you not research the dealer discounts that Quirk is offering before you bought yours? They've been doing $7500 off as a dealer discount for like the past year and a half. Why would you buy from any other dealer? Especially if you are already in Massachusetts?

I never understand when I talk to fellow Bolt owners and find out they paid full rate when Quirk is giving these things away.

I know, I know. But I've never liked Quirk and it's a pain to drive to Braintree. I am very happy with my dealer 3 miles away. In the first month I went in for a tire pressure issue 3 times and was grateful for the short trip. I know I can use any Chevy dealer's service but I feel I get treated better because my dealer's service managers know I bought the car from them.

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