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Manual Heating/AC on the 2019 Bolt EV

Sat Dec 14, 2019 10:35 pm

Since I drive Uber, getting maximum range from my daily charge is important to me. I would prefer to not search out an L3 charger and spend 30 minutes there to add 70 miles of extra range. 6-8 times per month, I randomly do long-range driving and do this extra step.

Now it is winter, but Los Angeles climate is mild, in comparison to the extremes in other places.

So I use the electric seat warmers and only want to heat the cabin as necessary to eliminate the chill on those days in the 50s (or even 40s).

The seat warmers in the back seats seem to turn themselves off automatically after a period of time and I cannot seem to change this pattern.

As to the cabin air temperature, I manually push the HEAT button to off (the 2019 has separate HEAT and AC buttons, as opposed to my 2017, which had a common HEAT/AC button) and then push the AIRFLOW button twice to manually switch to outside air for freshness.

It seems that the system will still periodically turn on heat and I can notice the drop in the GOM when this happens, only to see the GOM rise again (as much as 25 miles) when the heat turns itself off.

I cannot seem to figure out a pattern to these events, but it does seem to give me more mileage than if I have HEAT on all the time.

Any comments and other observations?

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Re: Manual Heating/AC on the 2019 Bolt EV

Sun Dec 15, 2019 12:25 am

The Bolt has an auto defog system. It's set to "on" at the factory but can be turned off in the climate settings.
Here's another recent thread on the subject:

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