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Towing really heavy stuff with the Bolt

Sun Aug 09, 2020 2:36 am

Hello internet people-

I am in a serious conundrum- I am about to build my first house (exciting!!) in six or so months and am seriously considering doing it in a 24' airstream. I want the flexibility of moving it and I don't want to burn gas doing so and my first (and current) car is an eSpark so I know Chevy makes a quality EV. What is the biggest, most heaviest thing you have seen a Bolt tow? My backup is the Audi eTron because I don't plan on moving my house all that often and I think that they will be <30k after they start coming off lease- but I'd much prefer the Bolt because of it's size and demeanor.


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Re: Towing really heavy stuff with the Bolt

Sun Aug 09, 2020 7:22 pm

Hello Adventure,

I'll start off by stating what should be obvious or easily discovered, which is that a Bolt isn't rated to tow. That being said, you and you alone are responsible for your actions and well being. You may find this video link of a hitch installation helpful, to have a look at the componentry. (Edit: posting the link may be helpful) https://youtu.be/zK_IERW90qQ

From the looks of the way a hitch is attached, I'd personally be barely comfortable with a bike rack. While the drivetrain is probably perfectly capable of bigger tasks, I think the body is a major limiting factor.

That's my $0.02. Good luck.
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Re: Towing really heavy stuff with the Bolt

Mon Aug 10, 2020 9:13 pm

For your occasional needs to more the Airstream, I'd suggest finding a friend with a pickup truck to do the job. At worst, you could hire someone who's in the business of moving RVs. Check with a local RV dealer. In fact, you could probably hang around the lot and approach a customer who's towing a trailer.

Don't even consider trying to do it with the Bolt.

FWIW: i've been towing lots of different trailers for many years and have read extensively on the subject.

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Re: Towing really heavy stuff with the Bolt

Tue Aug 11, 2020 2:09 am

The problem isn't starting - the Bolt would be more than capable of getting that size of trailer moving. On flat ground you could tow it with a garden tractor.

There are two problems that will get you:

1) Stopping. No way is the Bolt big enough to brake that rig on it's own. The trailer would need a full remote braking system system installed. It would only be slightly less hassle to get the brake control system installed in the Bolt than it would trying to fit a Bolt with the Class III or IV hitch that size of trailer needs. It's highly likely the Class I hitch available for the Bolt would break at the first bump.

2) Control. Travel trailers have high sides and get pushed around easily by crosswinds. On a bad day with a small tow vehicle this will land you upside down in a ditch.


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