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Re: Do not use EVgo fast chargers. No, seriously. Just don't.

Thu Jun 14, 2018 1:04 am

gpsman wrote:Looks like at some Charge America stations they have a 10 minute or 20 minute grace period before charging you for “idle time”.

At some (not all) ChargePoint stations they will email and / or text you that A) your time limit is up - please move your vehicle within 15 minutes B) your vehicle has completed charging - please move your vehicle within 15 minutes. C) your vehicle is drawing very little power - this means either your vehicle is nearly finished charging, or you have your vehicle set to delay charging. Please check on your vehicle within 15 minutes.

When no one was waiting, I let it go past 15 minutes and you get another email warning (up to 3 times in 45 minutes) but I was never charged any penalty. This is up to the location owner. ChargePoint does not set pricing.

Some ChargePoint stations also let you reserve a charge time and go on a “waitlist”. Whichever you do, you have a 15 minute window to begin charging. If on a waitlist, you can leave, but must begin charging within 15 minutes of the previous person stopping. Again this must be an option ChargePoint provides, but it is up to the idividual owner to implement or not.

Thanks Gpsman!

You're correct, the station owner configures those Waitlist timers, along with other policies regarding Waitlist, including how long drivers can charge on a station and how many times they can defer a spot. Station owners can also monitor the Waitlist which lets them identify the drivers who don’t move when asked or don’t plug in after accepting a Waitlist update.

Additionally, when it’s your turn (waitlist) you’ll get a notification by text message, email, or both (your choice), telling you that a port is available to you. You can respond in one of three ways:

1. Accept and go plug in immediately.

2. Snooze to hold your place in line but let the next person jump ahead of you.

3. Leave Waitlist to be removed from the Waitlist entirely, in case you don’t need to charge.

I hope this helps!
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