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Hey ChargePoint - what's up with the 24 kW chargers?

Sat Sep 15, 2018 3:14 am

I was planning a trip for a friend from Oxnard to Berkeley, and a LOT of the ChargePoint 24 kW DCFCs seem to be out. Almost all of the Chargepoint DCFCs between L.A. and San Jose seem to be out (offline). The DCFCs in Monterey, Salinas, King City, Arroyo Grande, Santa Maria, etc. all appear to be down. (These are the 60A DCFCs manufactured by the French company IES Synergy, who also sold them via Bosch and which are installed at a lot of BMW dealerships.)

There are comments in posts for a few of the sites that basically say "down because of recall by Chargepoint". So, have these units been recalled? When will they be replaced (or repaired, if that is what is going on)?

Travel along US-101 is now kind of scary for EV drivers, with most of the Chargepoint fast chargers being down.

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Re: Hey ChargePoint - what's up with the 24 kW chargers?

Sun Sep 16, 2018 12:11 am

I've made this trip a couple of times recently. Forget about the 24kW Bosch sites. Use the EVgo sites. Faster, multiple chargers at each site, and real time status on EVgo or Plugshare.

Exit Price Canyon road in Pismo Beach to use the Marigold Center charger in San Luis Obispo. Charge to 80%

Use the Walmart or Gilroy Outlet mall chargers in Gilroy. a 45 minute charge will leave you with plenty of range when you arrive in Berkeley.
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