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Re: Rumors of adaptive cruise control? And more?

Sat Nov 24, 2018 3:59 am

WetEV wrote:
iletric wrote:Charge slider is overrated. We would never consider it as anything useful. It's a carryover from the Leaf1 days when the rumor was that not charging 100% protects battery longevity. It did not, nor it does today.

Source please. ... _batteries.

As quoted from above link, here it is:

"Similar to a mechanical device that wears out faster with heavy use, the depth of discharge (DoD) determines the cycle count of the battery. The smaller the discharge (low DoD), the longer the battery will last. If at all possible, avoid full discharges and charge the battery more often between uses."

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Re: Rumors of adaptive cruise control? And more?

Thu Jan 10, 2019 11:43 pm

One of the links posted above contained the following:

The EV battery also ages and the capacity fades, but the EV manufacturer must guarantee the battery for eight years. This is done by oversizing the battery. When the battery is new, only about half of the available energy is utilized. This is done by charging the pack to only 80% instead of a full charge, and discharging to 30% when the available driving range is spent. As the battery fades, more of the battery storage is demanded. The driving range stays constant but unknown to the driver, the battery is gradually charged to a higher level and discharged deeper to compensate for the fade.

If this is what Chevy is doing, then why bother discussing all these charging strategies? When you think you're charging to 60%, you're really only charging to 48%. True, Chevy is optimizing for the tradeoff between range and battery life, but it doesn't seem clear from the links articles that we know how to do better.

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