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Re: Wife just vetoed the Bolt due to seats...any new approach

Thu Feb 13, 2020 10:04 am

michaelbolt wrote:She's willing to consider the Bolt if we can find a suitable modification to the seats, but as-is it's a no-go; and anything tacky that sits on top of the seat is equally out of the question.

Chevy obviously CAN make perfectly good ones, like in the Volt. They messed up this one I'm truly sorry to say..

As others have mentioned, some have removed the seat covers and added padding underneath.

Something "tacky" that sits on top of the cushion is "out of the question"? So, this car is a no go over something you don't want or something much more expensive over this? I got a cover that I mentioned at ... 99#p564799 but it has downsides like making my body pivot too much. I haven't time to try to find better alternatives but it at least solved my comfort issues.

The adjustments that PackardV8 is alluding to (with all due respect) won't help. The padding of the seats is insufficient and it seems like they're shaped wrong or something. Of all the cars I've owned/leased or were in the family (we've had 3 much older GM vehicles before + 1 Dodge + rest were Toyotas and Nissans), the Bolt's seats are by far the most uncomfortable. Heck, I can't think of any rentals that had front seats as poor and plenty of those are GM. Probably the most comfortable front seats of cars that I've driven recently for an extended period of time was a '19 Nissan Altima. I had it as a rental for a few days and likely put over 300 miles on it, probably closer to 450.

BTW, the car isn't $44K. Nobody pays that. Even ... price/trim subtracts $8500 discount from the get go. As I posted at ... 05#p578805, Quirk Chevrolet in MA has them starting at just under $24K ($22,245 + $1500 if you don't have a qualifying car to trade in).

It is a real shame that the seats are so poor. Not sure if it was intentional. (Yes, I've seen the video with the chief engineer bragging about the thin seat technology.) Maybe they went overboard or included them as an experiment? GM would probably sell a lot more of them if the front seats weren't so bad.

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Re: Wife just vetoed the Bolt due to seats...any new approach

Fri Feb 14, 2020 6:10 pm

I've also heard that Chevy is eager to get more on the road and will have a great lease deal. So as a BEV you can return in 2-3 years it could be a viable short-term option and by then there will be a lot more choices available, including more used EV's.
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Re: Wife just vetoed the Bolt due to seats...any new approach

Wed Mar 18, 2020 8:06 pm

What worked for me is mentioning beforehand that "people with wide rear ends" may find the seat uncomfortable. This puts her in the position of having to admit that hers meets that criteria - which most women are loathe to do. BTW, I'm adjusting to the single life well... :mrgreen:

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