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New Jersey EV rebate $5k

Wed Jan 29, 2020 3:55 pm


I have done a lot of research and want to purchase a 2020 Chevy Bolt. After GM incentives and all, it is coming in around $29k. Unfortunately, I cannot afford $29k even with the less fuel costs than ICE cars.

A few weeks ago, NJ passed a bill giving EV buyers and leasers $5k towards some cars including the Bolt. It says that it is given at point of sale which I interpret to mean the dealer.

With this rebate, I can afford the car. Without it, I can't. And I need to get a car within the next week due to transportation issues.

The dealers are just telling me that I need to buy the car and then submit an application and get the $5k from NJ. I can do that, but I can find no information online and I can't be left buying the car and then for some reason the program hasn't started yet or I find out that somehow I am not eligible.

Does anyone know about this program or have a link that would tell me more about how to claim this? I see plenty of things online about the program but nothing about an application form or how or when it will be implemented.

Thanks for your help.


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