Chevrolet Bolt Availability

We’ll try and keep this page up-to-date with when and where the Chevrolet Bolt can be ordered. If we missed something, please let us know by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page!

Bolt Availability USA

In the United States, the 2017 Chevy Bolt EV was available to order online in mid-October of 2016. On December 13, 2016, the first 3 Bolt EVs were delivered in the San Francisco Bay Area, with large shipments sent to California dealerships in late December. By the end of January 2017, over 1700 Bolt EVs had been delivered in the American market.

2017 Chevrolet Bolt Availability in the USA is scheduled as follows:

Dealer Ordering Month In-Dealerships By (approx) States
 October 2016  December 2016 California, Oregon
 December 2016  February 2017 Massachusetts, Maryland, Virginia
 January 2017  March 2017 New York, New Jersey
 February 2017  April 2017 Washington
 March 2017  May 2017 Connecticut, Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Colorado
 May 2017  July 2017 Illinois, Florida, Arizona, Pennsylvania
 June 2017  August 2017 Texas
 July 2017  September 2017  All States

Bolt Availability Canada

The first deliveries in Canada happened in January 2017. GM wills tart with Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia – the provinces that have special EV incentives.

For the other provinces and territories, GM promises to provide the Bolt EV within 12 months of the retail launch (so early 2018).

Bolt Availability Norway

The Ampera-e (the Bolt EV European version) launch is set for April 2017 in Norway. Deliveries will start in June 2017.

Bolt Availability France

After Norway, later in 2017, France will get the re-badged Bolt EV.

Bolt Availability Germany

After France, in late 2017, Germany will start to get the chance to order the Ampera-e electric vehicle.

Bolt Availability For Europe

Other left-hand-drive European countries, aside from Norway, France, and Germany (see above for specific country info), will have to wait until late 2017 or during 2018 as production increases.

Availability of Chevy Bolt in South Korea

General Motors Korea opened the order books on March 18th for the first allotment of 400 vehicles and sold them all within 2 hours. GM is set to officially debut the Bolt EV in South Korea on March 31 at the 2017 Seoul Auto Show. First deliveries will likely occur near that date.

Availability History of the Chevy Bolt

Below is the reverse chronological history of the announcements by GM as to when the 2017 Chevy Bolt EV would be available in specific markets.

North America: USA/Canada availability

North American availability is expected early in 2017 as a 2018 model year. In Mexico, the Bolt will ‘start commercialization’ in mid-2017.

As of the last few days in December, hundreds of Bolt EVs were seen being delivered to dealerships around the San Francisco and LA areas in California. Owners started to get their vehicles on December 30.

Canadian Update December 2016: GM Canada says the Bolt EV will arrive in early 2017. First deliveries will happen in Quebec, Ontario, and British Columbia in the next few weeks. For provinces without EV incentive programs, GM says the Bolt will arrive within 12 months of the retail launch – so that could be as late as early 2018.

Update November 2016: Some GM dealerships in Oregon and California are slated to get shipments of the 2017 Bolt EV during the week of November 28th.

A dealer in Texas said that he can’t order a Bolt EV until the first quarter of 2017, but there will be Bolt EVs available for test drives around the time of the Dallas Auto Show in March.

Update September 2016: GM started production of the Bolt EV and they will ship to dealerships in “late 2016”

Update August 2015: GM recently moved the production target to the fourth quarter of 2016. The long range Bolt EV will be a 2017 model year.

The official announcement from Chevy at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show was that the Bolt EV “is designed to offer long-range performance in all 50 states and many global markets.

In February 2015, GM North America’s president Alan Batey said the Bolt EV will be available in 50 states, but “we have not said where we will sell it outside the U.S. yes.”

We expect that means it will be sold wherever the Chevrolet Volt is currently sold, but initially, it may only be available in select US States.

European Availability

European deliveries will happen after the North American launch later in the year, likely Fall 2017.

In a press conference in February 2016, GM CEO Mary Barra said the Bolt EV will make it to Europe in the near future as the Opel Ampera-e.

Back when the Volt was sold  Europe under the Opel Ampera nameplate, it had redesigned bumper covers and headlights to make it look different since the Chevy Volt was also sold in Europe. We expect the Ampera-e to look different, and to be sold alongside the Chevy Bolt EV in countries where GM has a positive brand image.

In addition, the Bolt for Europe and Ampera-e will have a Type-2 charging inlet and Type 2 CSCS variant in place of the North American J1772 charging inlet.

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3 thoughts on “Chevrolet Bolt Availability

  1. Gordon Warlow

    I keep reading about the Bolt’s availability in all 50 states, but nothing about how many cars are being produced… Any word on the actual “number”? Because if only 100 cars are available in each state, well, that doesn’t seem like Chevrolet is serious about electric vehicles. Just curious (and impatient).


    1. MGL

      Day two of POTUS-45, GM was in line begging EPA for reduced emission regulations.

      Still think GM is serious?

      I love my Gen2 Volt. But my next car wont be from Detroit.

  2. margarita

    We went looking for a Bolt yesterday here in San Antonio. A couple of dealers advertised they had one, but when we got there they said, Oops! We just sold it. Yeah, right. The second dealer laughed at us and said, People in Texas don’t want to buy electric cars. So, maybe Chevy needs to have a little talk with their franchise owners if they really want to move that inventory. We’d buy one if we could find one to test drive. We bought our Leaf online after have test driven one out in California. Buying online was a dream, and we only had to deal with a sales guy when we went to pick the car up online at the dealer. I think I agree with MGL. Chevy doesn’t seem to serious about their electric car.


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