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If you aren’t interested in starting a Chevy Bolt Blog, no fear! This forum is a great place to ask questions, and connect with other Bolt (and other EV) owners.

A new vehicle is a large purchase, likely the second largest you’ll make in your life, and ask your questions and learn all you can from the Bolt Forum before you take the plunge!

Chevrolet Bolt Blog History

Back in Summer of 2016, when Chevrolet was talking about the Bolt being ‘ready to roll’ at the end of 2016, a bunch of EV blogs started popping up around the web from people who were seriously interested in purchasing a Bolt for themselves. The blogs chronicled experiences from past EV ownership of LEAFs, and even why people were interested in replacing an internal combustion powered vehicle with the Bolt.

Then, in December 2016, when the first few handfuls of GM Bolt EVs were delivered, these blogs rocketed in popularity as brand new owners had access to a vehicle that most had never seen in person before! Prospective owners chased after the bloggers (virtually of course) and assaulted them with all sorts of questions.

The questions for the Chevy Bolt Blog writers ranged from obviously important, to “seriously? That matters to you?”. Questions about if the projected EPA range of 238 miles was really achievable, to questions like ‘can I fit a 10 foot 2×4 in it if I put it up on the passenger dash and all the way to the back corner?’. Seriously? If hauling lumber is that important to you, perhaps the 2017 Chevy Bolt EV shouldn’t be your top choice 🙂

Nonetheless, Chevrolet Bolt Blog authors, thank you for sharing first-hand information with the cyber world the moment your cars arrived! You helped us live out our EV fantasies before we could even run our fingers along the Bolt’s curves.

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