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Re: Moving on, but loved my Bolt

Thu Apr 22, 2021 12:35 pm

SparkE wrote:
BoltEV wrote:Please let us know the financial details of your Tesla 3 purchase, and how much was "stripped down" from its $65K model to make it financially satisfactory to you.
He did say "Tesla Model 3", not "model S". I just checked, and the "standard range plus" model 3 is a tad over $30K (30,690), and not $65K.
SparkE wrote:...At any rate, FAR from the $65k someone stated.
SparkE wrote:Yup. I didn't notice. The price I posted was "potential savings" (the default) and not "purchase price" ($38500). Sneaky bastards.

I mention apples and you do research on oranges:

Historically the Model 3 was released on a limited production basis, and that model was sold to those willing to pay for about $64,000.

Years later, when production allowed more mass demand for sales to be satisfied, a version of the Model 3 was "stripped down" that is, lower battery capacity and slower acceleration, among other missing features, to get the price below $40,000; so, yes, you can currently order a "stripped down" version for less money than the "fully loaded" model.

I was asking the OP to provide the details of his purchase so we could see how it compares in real life.

My "fully loaded" 2019 Chevy Bolt EV cost me $36,500 out the door, including California sales tax and license on July 31, 2019 (federal and state incentives not included).

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