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1. Premier
2. 3/22/2017
3. 47859
4. n/a
5. 6' 230 lbs 36" waist
6. The seats are very uncomfortable and dig in both the thighs and back. My wife who is smaller than me hasn't complained. I find myself shifting to try and find a different position that feels better. I bought this as a commuter car for a 1:10 trip back and forth to work. So far I've only spent 30 minutes at a time in it. Not looking forward to the long drives now. As someone else said, I LOVE everything else about this car. How did someone not notice the problems with the seats?!?!
7. Verdict: Bad. Hopefully there will be some fix for GM's cost!

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Wed Mar 29, 2017 12:51 am

1. LT
2. 3/6/17
2. 37071
4. n/a
5. 6'2" 208lb 38" Waist
6. The seats are fine, only issue I had was lower back stiffness on longer trips unless I recline the seat a couple of notches.
7. Verdict: Don't see what all the fuss is about.

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Thu Mar 30, 2017 1:18 am

NaCl wrote:Bolt-EV Premiere (purchased): 03/06/2017
6'1" @ 280lbs. I feel the metal frame/bar digging into my thigh/butt. My hips are such that I'm about as wide as the entirety of the seat. So I'm riding _on_ the bolsters. Also the seat back 'wings' dig into either rib-cage depending on how I am orienting myself to avoid/trade off which one should get the torture.

Before I removed the plastic trim, it was the thing that was digging into me. LEAF SL seats were fantastic. The Bolt Premiere seats are about the worst things ever produced. I would rather have coach airline seats. It makes me hate the vehicle. And I _love_ everything else about it. I wish ill upon the 'engineer' that designed them.

As it stands, I have an appointment w/an upholstery shop tomorrow to have the seats re-stuffed w/high-density padding. Hopefully it will be enough. If not, and the 2018 LEAF shows up w/>200 mile range, I will probably have to eat the loss and trade in the bolt for a 2018 LEAF SL (or whatever the == trim level ends up being).

You can find images/writeup of what I had done yesterday here ->

tl;dr == $700 and _MUCH_ better.

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2. 1/17
3. 32850
4. No one wants to see my hip hitting the plastic seat frame, or the rib bruises from the barely covered side bolsters, though I appreciate gps guy's photos. FWIW, when I've sat in any other Bolts (cloth or mouse hide), it was the same, but it leaves it open to the idea that there may be some bad VIN ranges to search (and fix). And no, I'm not bringing it 100 miles one way into the dealer for some oblivious service guy to grunt at and say nothing's wrong. (I've already paid a chunk of change for the few ounces of extra padding that should have been there from the beginning).
5. 6'3" 215
6. Much as I detest cars being built by committee --unless I'm on it!!--usually manufacturers at least get the seats right. Especially one as apple pie as Chevy. Josh Tavel surely knows that most of his buyers don't share his waist size, and that the ridiculous extra ounces of space wasting foam in the already space wasting non-rectangular spare tire well should have been used in the front seats instead. Adding insult to injury, there's no reason the seats couldn't be an inch wider when they sit pretty far inboard and don't even efficiently use the space in this narrow car. And if they can't possibly find the extra ounces (<<cough cough--trunk foam+fake chrome delete--cough cough>> for lumbar adjustment, at least put in some decent lumbar support! I say this as one who *prefers* narrow, firm seats (last two VW GTI and Audi TT), that doesn't mean you have to rest your hips and ribs on hard plastic. Can't even imagine what the mainstream GM crowd would find to like in these seats.
7. Verdict: Beyond bad, embarrassing in an otherwise fine car. Will limit adoption beyond "Bay Area" vegan EV apologists. Glad (and embarrassed) to have had mine fixed upon leaving the dealer with my new Bolt. They better have this fixed for my 2020 Bolt SS AWD, or I'll be looking back at the europeans.

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Sat Apr 29, 2017 7:07 am

Hi, I began leasing a Bolt in April and after 3 weeks, have severe pain in my left hip and hamstring. And I work out 4 x week and am in great shape! I called my dealer and Chevy Customer Care and now have a case number. Chevy was great so far. The next steps will be with my dealer on Monday. Here's the info requested.

1. Model - LT

2. When bought - Began my lease on 4/3/17

3. Last 5 of your VIN (if you want actual tracking done by GM) - 55140

4. A picture or two if you want/need to - No need

5. Your size/height - 6 feet, 175 lbs, 32 waist

6. Very brief summary of where you see the issue, a few details, etc - My left hip feel like I've rammed it into a steel stair rail right at the bone and my left hamstring where it connects to the butt is very, very sore. I'm limping. I usually run 3 miles after working out and I cannot do it because the pain is so bad.

7. Verdict: Good/Bad? Etc - Very, very bad.

That's it.

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Sun Apr 30, 2017 1:44 am

1. Model - LT with comfort package

2. When bought - March 2017

3. Last 5 of your VIN (if you want actual tracking done by GM) - not looked but will if it's important

4. A picture or two if you want/need to - None

5. Your size/height - 6'2", 225lbs, 36-38" waist. I'm a healthy active guy who plays rugby and does a lot of walking and driving in my job.

6. Very brief summary of where you see the issue, a few details, etc - Seat feels very snug on first sitting in it. My left hip aches after 10 mins. 20 mins in and my left leg begins to go dead. The seat base side is cutting off circulation to my left leg with pressure on my left hip/butt/upper thigh. Also 20 mins in I begin to shift around for a comfort due to the narrow seat back, especially in the lower back/kidney area. My back aches, my left hip hurts and my left leg feels numb when I get out of the car after 20 mins.

7. Verdict: Good/Bad? Etc - Terrible. I drive our Kia Soul EV almost exclusively because the seats in the Bolt are so bad. Shame because the Bolt is such a great car otherwise.

Other issue with the seat is the left side plastic frame that digs into your leg every time you get out of the car. My wife especially hates this as she drives the car more than I do.
Below is a post I did on another forum that goes into more detail. I was going to post it on the "Seats are a deal killer" thread but that is locked for some reason.
I'm new to the forum and just wanted to add my experience with the seats after 6 weeks of ownership. I live just outside of Vancouver, Canada and have a white Bolt LT with the comfort package. I also purchased a Kia Soul EV in Feb 2017 (last new 2016 available in the area so an unbelievable deal) to go all electric with my daily drive cars. This gives me a solid comparison vehicle for the Bolt. I have never owned an electric or hybrid car before and could be described as a petrol head without too much of a stretch. (I also have a 1975 Triumph TR6)
I am 6'2", 225lbs, and have driven many, many different cars in my 36 years of driving. I am a fit active guy, not prone to general aches and pains. My wife is 5'7", average build and weight and drives the Bolt more than I do (the reason for which will become apparent below)

Let me first say that I love the Bolt for so many reason, and only have one major issue with it. Yes, the front seats, they area terrible !! My 1975 TR6 has wider seats and its an old, very small, 2 seater sports car.
When I test drove the car I thought they felt snug but not a deal killer. Well now I am finding anything more than 20 mins a big problem. The seat base/plastic side shell puts so much pressure on both sides of my upper thigh/butt/hip area that my legs start to go to sleep. My left leg especially. My left hip is also very uncomfortable after a few minutes in the car. My wife does not experience that but she is of course considerably smaller than me. However another problem we do both experience, and my wife is really not happy about it, is when you get in and out of the car (but mainly getting out). The outer hard plastic left side seat shell is impossible to avoid as you swing around to get out, there is no way to avoid it digging into your outer thigh. I have noticed it and find it uncomfortable but I don't drive the car too much. My wife drives the car a lot more and is very unhappy about it. She says her leg feels bruised constantly, and she is not a delicate flower, she is a tough gal. Unfortunately our driveway slopes upwards and it compounds the problem. My wife however is very quick to point out that it is a pain on the flat also. The snug seat problem will not be a big issue I expect if you are smaller than myself, but the seat edge digging into your thigh on exit is unavoidable and will be a matter of how much you are willing to put up with it. The third problem with the seats is the narrow backs, especially around the lower torso, kidney area. I again find the 20 minute mark has me shifting for comfort but not really finding it. Bottom line more than 20 mins in either front seat is a very uncomfortable experience, that causes lasting discomfort even when out of the car.

I can honestly say, without hesitation, that I am now driving the Kia Soul EV almost exclusively, and always to and from work (30 min journey each way) because of the seats in the Bolt.

That's a real shame because the Bolt is so much better than the Soul in most areas. They are a very similar sized car, but the seats in the Kia are so much more comfortable. Even though they have higher edge bolsters on the seat base than the bolt, making them snug, they are very comfortable. The backs of the seats are also not a problem.
I will be speaking with the dealership this week to see what response I get. I have already ordered a seat cushion from Ebay as recommended on another forum (not due to arrive for 7 days). If I get time in the next week or so I will also be trying the do it yourself padding addition as per the earlier video. Having also seen earlier in this thread that the left side of the seat base trim can be removed that will also be done to give my wife a better experience.
My only other real gripes (all minor) -
The sun visors are very small and don't extend.
The stereo/speakers are average at best.
The charge area does not have a light for easier use at night.
The white plastic on dash is cheaper looking (but the dash design is very clean and clear).
I don't like the two tone seats.

Everything else about the car, but highlights are-
Range is fantastic and for us very close to what I expected, even though the weather here has been unseasonably cool so far for Vancouver.
It is very well balanced when maneuvering. Steering is precise, suspension is euro firm (which I love as a Brit).
Very calm drive on the highway. Car is generally well sound-proofed.
Speed off the line is very quick (feels quicker than quoted 0-60 mph of 6.5 secs). I know EV drivers are supposed to be range conscious but I can't help dipping the accelerator every so often when its safe to do so.
Loads of inside room for the size of vehicle. My son is 6'2" and can easily sit behind me when I drive and has enough headroom also (the Soul is the only other EV that my son can fit in in the back)
General fit and finish/build quality is good so far.

I would like to say that I post these comments as my experiences (and those of my wife also). In no way do I wish to put off anyone from buying a Bolt, but PLEASE for anyone considering buying one, take it on a long test drive. The car is fantastic in so many ways but for me, the seats spoil the car. If you are not my size I'm sure you will find the seats OK, but give it a good test drive for sure just in case."

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Fri May 05, 2017 6:41 pm

I'm 6'-6" tall, weigh 220 lbs. and have a 38" waist.
My wife is 5'7 and weighs about 150 lbs. Not sure of her waist size but it's smaller than mine.
We drive our Bolt to our farm every week thru beautiful hilly country and it's a 105 mile trip each way.
I disliked the seats initially thinking they were too firm much like the suspension. However, after adjusting the incline to fit my back and getting a little more time behind the wheel, I've adapted to the seats quite well. In fact, I don't even think about them anymore.
This vehicle is way, way cool to drive - so much so that my wife insists that we switch drivers half way through the trip.
Highly recommend that anyone who dislikes the seats try the vehicle out on a couple of road trips with a friend that has one. You might be surprised.
By the way, head room and leg room is outstanding even for a very tall guy like me.
Loving this car more and more - have about 700 miles on it now.
The worst thing about it, in my opinion, is that it makes our other ICE vehicles seem like real dogs.



Sat May 06, 2017 12:56 am


I'm 5'-9", 170lbs, 32" waist. Wife is 5'-3", 120lbs
Have the LT, cloth seats (fabric is a non-issue).
Got one of the first ones in the area (Los Angeles), January, 2017.
In our opinion these have to be the single worst seats ever created in the history of automobiles. My wife and I are not big people, but as mentioned by quite a few on this thread -- the overly narrow seat, coupled with the plastic digging into the side of your leg, literally drives a sciatic-type pain down the side of our legs. When we first got this car we both wanted to get to drive it, now we both want the other to drive it so we can drive our old cars.
Verdict: Beyond horrible! We bought the car sight-unseen (were waiting since last November for arrival), so we never really got to test drive it. If I/we had known how bad the seats were going to be we would not have made this purchase. It's a bummer, too, as the care is otherwise really fun to drive.

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Mon May 08, 2017 1:30 pm

Thanks for the data everyone!

Updated the tracking page on the wiki: ... t_Tracking

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Mon May 08, 2017 10:44 pm

1. Model - Premier

2. When bought - March 2017

3. Last 5 of your VIN : 32871

4. A picture or two if you want/need to - None

5. Your size/height - 5'6"", 145 lb. 32" waist

6. Very brief summary of where you see the issue, a few details, etc - no issue at all. I find the seat perfectly comfortable.

7. Verdict: Good/Bad? Etc - Good. No issues.

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