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Range declined

Charge to full. Range limited approx. 199 - 201.
Drive 172 miles mostly highway.
Use level 2 charger.
Range DOES reset after full charge to 238 miles?
Battery indicates full Charge.
Energy info idicatedicates factors remains the same.

It would seem that after each full charge the system would reset.
This would allow for opportunity to improve DRIVING habits.
Retaining previous DRIVING data (especially with 2 different drivers) prevents DRIVING improvements.

Looking to get 238 miles after each full charge to start off and judge your ability to reach this goal by varying your driving technique and other factor under your control is good. However, this is the not working out that way when range is base on data from previous driver or drivining.
The data need to be reset or have the option to do so provides user more control of how to maximize their vehicle usage.

I welcome comments.
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Re: Range declined

I suggest searching for a relevant topic and reading there. Reply or start a new topic if you have something new to add.

Like a gasoline car MPG, miles per kWh decline in cold weather. It has been discussed before.
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