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Re: 2018 Honda Clarity : BEV, PHEV, and fuel cell

I drove the Clarity FCEV fuel cell 8 months ago and the Clarity BEV 3 months ago.
Both are what I consider luxury passenger sedans.

The FCEV version was good but lacked any battery capacity (1.7kW?). The car makes electricity for the drive motor on-demand from hydrogen gas. Consequently the performance in both acceleration and re-generative braking was weak IMO.

The Clarity BEV had better response although the strength of the regenerative braking was minimal. The battery capacity of (25.5-kW) is inadequate for an electric only car IMO.

The Clarity platform is ripe to be a combination of the two above options.. an FCEV/BEV Hybird! ..

Until a 'dual fuel' Clarity EV with a 25.5-kW battery pack AND a fuel cell range extender becomes an option i don't see either of these two cars selling well.

-- On the other hand If/When a FCEV/BEV plugin hybrid comes to market from Honda or anyone else I expect runaway sales.

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Re: 2018 Honda Clarity : BEV, PHEV, and fuel cell

DucR - the image doesn't show up for me.

The problem with the linked sites is that it :

- shows "electricity + gas" for PHEVs and I want to know what the gas engine produces all by itself, as if I were driving at 60 mph on the freeway and using just the gas engine.

- shows "greenhouse gas" (CO2). It's pretty easy to compare GHG : look at the mileage. I am interested in seeing ALL pollutants from the gas engine.
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Re: 2018 Honda Clarity : BEV, PHEV, and fuel cell

The Clarity BEV has leases for $199/mo.

The Clarity PHEV that I really want has leases for $499/mo.

This makes the decisions so difficult.

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