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Buyback Process

Thu Sep 30, 2021 6:27 pm

I'm primarily creating this for my benefit, to keep track of the progress and timeline. I am initiating a buyback process for my 2017 Bolt.

Vehicle: 2017 Chevy Bolt. 74000 miles. No accidents, no major issues, but the usual wear and tear of 74000 miles. Located in California.

9/21: Placed a call to the Chevy EV Concierge. Gave a brief description of the vehicle, and indicated my interest in starting the buyback process. Representative said I will be assigned a case number and a primary rep, and should receive a call back in about a week.

9/21: Case number received via email

9/27: Call received from primary rep, but I missed the call. Called back and left a message.

9/30: Finally got in contact with the my primary rep. Rep indicated that the buyback process is starting. Read to me a standard disclosure, but nothing unusual (i.e. GM will not pay for aftermarket parts, etc. etc.).

9/30: Received email, requesting documentation.


9/30: Got two emails, requesting documentation. Not sure why two.
First email requested:
1a) Buyer's Order
2a) Title (if vehicle is paid off)
3a) Retail Purchase Installment Agreement (if vehicle has loan)
4a) Payoff statement (if vehicle has loan)
5a) Lease statement (if vehicle has lease)
6a) Photo of odometer
7a) Registration
8a) Drivers license

Second email requested:
1b) Retail Sales Contract (I assume same as #3 above)
2b) Registration
3b) Financial institution contact info
4b) Photo of odometer

As you can see, there's a bit of overlap in the requested documents. I replied to both emails individually, with the requested documents.

I purchased mine with a loan, but since paid it off. So I didn't need/have 4a and 5a, and didn't need 3b.

Oddly, I didn't have 1a. I normally keep great records, but maybe I didn't this time. So I attached 1b in lieu of 1a.

10/1: Got an emailed "letter" that said GM will repurchase the vehicle under California Lemon Law. So it'll be purchase price less usage fee.

10/6: Called my primary Rep, who said that the repurchase request has "been approved by the Repurchasing Department," and that I should be hear from them "this week or early next." Not sure if it's any more of an update than what was communicated on 10/1.

Personal Take: I agree with what cwerdna posted below. I probably won't get much refund, since the CA Lemon Law assumes a 120k life of a vehicle, and I've already drive 75k. But that's ok by me. I got my intended usage out of it. I drove the crap out of it for 2.5 years while I was commuting 100 miles per day (round trip), and the ability to use the carpool lane was clutch. Car still looks great; no accidents, and had very few passengers for those 75k miles. It was a great commuter car, and it has been awesome to me. But the safety issue is paramount; plus, if I'm not supposed to park in my garage, or charge above 90%, or let it go below 70 miles... etc. etc.... then I can no longer use this car for its intended use.

10/14: Called my primary rep. No change in status. Figured I'd give the dealership that's facilitating the buyback a call (also the dealership that I made the original purchase from). Was told that I should speak with Servicing. Unable to reach Servicing Manager. Left a message.
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Re: Buyback Process

Thu Sep 30, 2021 7:59 pm

I'm in the same boat, but the "rep" last week asked for a photo of the odometer - which is risky on their part as anyone can fraudulently alter that.

I told them they would be better to take the mileage shown in the monthly diagnostic report - seems like a no-brainer to me

Crucially, their GM hard copy letter states "use deduction.............miles driven prior to first delivery to mfr/dealer for repair..........." as set by the Song Beverly Act.

I also learnt from "concierge" a different process is followed for California owners like you and me

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Re: Buyback Process

Sun Oct 03, 2021 5:15 am

I also began my buyback process a few weeks ago and am also in California. I have a '19 Bolt Premier w/US-made battery so I wasn't in the original Nov 2020 recall. It wasn't until the 8/20/21 announcement that everyone got added.

OP will not get much. From what I've seen, for CA, they calculate it out of 120K miles. I have under 18K miles at this point.

I already sent in all my documentation (e.g. sales contract, registration, odo pic, etc.)

I have no loan but is complicated by some hit and run damage (by an unknown driver) to the rear bumper cover. I will need to get that fixed if the deduction for that is too much. I told them about it and sent them pics of that, advising them that the rear bumper cover will need to be replaced (and its replacement painted).

Those in other states have different lemon and consumer protection laws so the criteria, reimbursement amounts, etc. will likely be different.

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