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Re: Chevrolet/GM update on new battery software package

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Re: Chevrolet/GM update on new battery software package

cwerdna wrote: Thu Dec 09, 2021 8:12 am Charging rate is measured in kW, not kWh.

Some folks including myself have noticed what seems to be weird (new) tapering behavior as you get close to 80%: ... nce.41724/.

Also, the other night, when sitting in my car on free public L2, once my car hit 80% and the car's green light turned solid, I could hear the turbulence/bubbling sound of battery coolant while sitting in my car. I didn't lift the hood again to confirm what I noted at ... ost-674770 from the night before.

Was also interesting to look at the energy screen with the 3 categories and watch the section for battery conditioning and the % grow in real time and eventually reach 100%.
If the software detects any abnormalities, it will notify you (battery fault, see dealer within 1 day on OnStar), prevent the car from being charged at all, regardless of the SoC, and alert you on the dash with the car fault icon (car with the! in the middle).

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