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Portable Charger?

Has anyone tried this dual-level portable J1772 charger from Lectron? It's advertised as "providing up to 31 miles of range per hour". Can anyone confirm?
https://ev-lectron.com/products/lectron ... ad2f&_ss=r
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Re: Portable Charger?

You might be misunderstanding what the product is offering.

There is no battery contained in this charging cord.

You must plug into an existing 5-15 outlet to gain power for the charge.

It is only "portable" in the sense that it packs up into a case for easy transportation in the trunk while driving.

If there is no 5-15 power outlet available to you, this unit will provide no charging.

To the extent that you can plug it into a NEMA 240v outlet that provides 32 amps, yes, it should give you 31 miles per hour charging.

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