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Re: Chevy Bolt races Golf GTI and wins

The Bolt smokes the GTI.

Important detail: the Bolt had 120 miles of range left.
So 50% battery state of charge.

My Bolt is WAY peppier with a 100 % charge on the battery. My 0-60 times are noticably reduced at 80% and way slower below 50%.

Does not affect normal driving.
Normal driving requires about 40 kw to accelate.
60 kw is brisk acceleration.

I'm only saying:

Max output at 100% SOC is 160 kw.
Max output at 80% SOC might be 150 kw.
Max output at 60% SOC might be 140 kw and so on.

I have not actually measured, but I get noticiable drops in PEAK output very early on.

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