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Changing cooling fluid.

My dealer just replaced my 2017 Premier battery and replaced the fluid in the cooling chamber. He offered to flush the coolant in the other two cooling systems for $599 EACH if I wanted it done while he had the battery down. That seems awfully high. In the past on my gas cars I always changed the coolant myself. I used a valve on the radiator and drained. Then I added distilled water and antifreeze or 50/50 of high grade coolant. I got on Youtube and there is NOTHING on changing your own coolant on a Bolt. Is there any place where I can get information on doing this myself? I know dealers are jacking up the prices for everything. But paying over $1k+ for flushing two cooling systems seems beyond the pale excessive to me. Am I wrong?
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Re: Changing cooling fluid.

Not due till 150,000 miles.

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