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    Can Bolts charge at Tesla superchargers yet?

    Has anybody actually done this successfully yet? I was planning a trip to western New York state to view the solar eclipse April 8, 2024. the A Better Route Planner (ABRP) app planned me into a Tesla charging station. It knows I have a 2017 Bolt and I told it only to show me stations with CCS...
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    Our 20,000 volt blue 2017 Bolt!

    We call her Betty. Bought her in July 2017 and have driven her 80K miles. Battery was replaced under the recall in Dec 2021. We thought that an electric car should be 20,000 volt blue, and the color makes her easier to spot in parking lots.
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    First Use of JDapter Stub for Tesla Destination Charger to Chevy Bolt

    We just got back from a round trip to Rochester NY from south-central Massachusetts, where we ran into a situation at a hotel (at 2AM) where the one J1772 plug in a row of charging stations was already in use. The other plugs on the charging stations were all Tesla. We had to find a public...