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    Unintended reverse!

    My daughter insisted on carrying a large box on her lap in the front passenger seat. As I'm driving slow ~10 MPH on side streets, all of the sudden the car abruptly slows down to a stop and then starts going backwards! I slammed the breaks and then I realized that the box pushed the shifter into...
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    Charging At Home

    What are the lights on the EVSE?
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    2020 Bolt lease buyout - Battery recall.

    I bought my 2020 not fixed Bolt out of lease when I saw the danger of rising interest rates. That’s almost 2 years ago. The fact that the Bolt was waiting for a battery was not an issue. The GM customer service will compensate with 3 month lease payment for the battery being limited to 80% if...
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    Leased and bought 2020 Bolt

    We leased our Bolt because it was very cheap to do so. Our intent was to keep it through the lease as a cheap transportation method and then move on. The first few months were a bit of a struggle because we were charging with the 110V EVSE and that was not enough and also the lease had a low...
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    Must have Mods for Bolt EV

    I have heard about the squeaking tires... but I find that it's not just acceleration. The car slides in tight turns and hard braking at high speed. I wonder if the tires are too small for the weight of the vehicle or the suspension is tuned wrong. My car is brand new and I am pondering...