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    Misadventures at Anaheim Stadium

    Any recommendation for the right li-ion jump starter? All the ads I have seen tell me the kind of ICE engines that they can recharge, but nothing about what is right for an EV. Prices range from $20s to $150s depending on bells and whistles.
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    Extending battery life

    Thank you Sparke and Oilerlord for taking the time to deal with me. I did all that stuff last night and here is what happened. When I plugged in at 11:30 it began to charge right away, not waiting for midnight which I have set as off-peak. That is OK since I don’t have time-of-day pricing. I...
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    Extending battery life

    If my intent is to wait until I am down to about 20% charge and then recharge to about 80%, can it be done remotely? My plan is to set off-peak from midnight to 4AM, and set leave time at 4AM as well. Peak time is set for 4AM to midnight. And it is set for off-peak charging. If the car is...
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    Extending battery life

    OK. So we should continue without recharging until it is perhaps down to 25% or less, then recharge to 75% or so. The only exception would be if we are planning a long trip for the next day. Also, try to keep the garage as cool as possible but above freezing. Doable. Thanks for the info...
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    1st time charging: partial failure

    There is no reason for not getting an L2 in your garage. The Feds have a $1,000 tax rebate that will pay in total for this to be installed. So clearly you can have this done at no cost, unless electrician installation costs in your area are a lot more than they were for us here in NM. This...
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    Extending battery life

    I think there is already a thread on this, but I would like an update from people who really know about electrical engineering and can comment from some expertise. I have read that battery life is extended if we: 1) use hilltop reserve so the batter is not fully charged up; and 2) recharge only...
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    This Stupid Recall Just Broke My Car

    My dealer just provided both recall updates without any problem. They even gave me a ride back home after dropping off the Bolt, and came to get me to go back to the dealer to pick it up. They also did a complete inspection gratis. Good service.
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    Is my Bolt in danger of being hacked?

    It is my understanding that the cars that white hat hackers have experimented with were not Bolts, or even EVs, but just standard new ICE cars. Yes?
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    Is my Bolt in danger of being hacked?

    Previously we have only owned cars that essentially were not able to communicate with the outside world. Obviously, the Bolt can communicate (Onstar, updating software via airwaves, etc.). This bring up the question of whether we could be hacked remotely. The really scary stories are cars...
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    This Stupid Recall Just Broke My Car

    Yeah, I did check OnStar. But the note on the battery problem is generic. It does not say "me" it just says "some 2017 Bolts." As far as I can tell, anyone clicking on the recall button will get the same generic list of recalls, without indicating which Bolts are involved. And I have not...
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    This Stupid Recall Just Broke My Car

    The notice for the software update indicates that I do NOT bring the car in, but they will make the update "over the air." The instructions are not very clear, but it seems to say I wait for notice to start the process. The more serious "battery" recall is only for some 2017 Bolts. If I have...
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    Amazing low cost to run an EV

    We live in Albuquerque. We have net metering with PNM, so exact charges are hard to figure. If we use more kWh than our solar panels generate they charge us at one rate. If we generate more than we use we get a refund at a lower rate. For the last three years we have consistently generated...
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    EVSE Tax Credit for 2017

    Good info. Do you know if the credit will pay for the installation of the AeroEnvironment charger, or just for the unit itself?
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    How often to recharge?

    We do level 2 charging in our garage, so we can do it as often as we please. We rarely use more than 5% of the charge during a day. We could charge up each day, or after several days. We have heard that it is bad for the batteries to charge frequently. We suspect it makes no difference...
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    Amazing low cost to run an EV

    What California does is of only academic interest to me, since I don't live there. Deterioration of the roads is an important concern. But road repair/upkeep should, for now, be paid for by increasing the gas tax paid by people who drive ICE cars. When there are enough EVs on the roads, that...
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    Amazing low cost to run an EV

    I hope no such flat fee for EVs is enacted. That would be bad public policy, since encouraging EV cars is clearly in the public interest long term. Eventually some other way to pay for roads will have to be enacted, but not soon. In the meantime having gas guzzlers pay for the roads w/o EVs...
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    Amazing low cost to run an EV

    We now have two monthly electricity bills with the Bolt charged at home by our Level 2 charging station. My 2005 CRV costs about ten cents per mile just for gas (oil changes etc extra). I figure one-half cent per mile for the Bolt via the electric company. This is figuring the additional...
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    Any Technical problems with using Tesla Supercharters?

    Assume that a proper adapter is produced and sold (perhaps by Tesla) and that Musk gives permission and charges appropriately: Is there any technical reason why Bolts could not use the Tesla Superchargers? I realize that is a little like asking "other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like...
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    Bolt OEM Tires v. Summer Tire Performance

    Speaking as one who knows next to nothing... We rarely get snow here (Albuquerque) and when we do it is cleared within a few hours. So snow is not a problem. My question is: are the Michelin self sealing tires that came with my Bolt safe? Are they safe on the interstate? We drive...
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    JDapter (trademark) Tesla Charging for all

    I hate to be dense, but I am still confused. I thought the JDapter was all I would need to plug my Bolt into the Tesla Designation charging stations. If so, what is this Tesla portable UMC thing for? What charging stations does it open up that the JDaper alone will not?