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    Lousy Paint Job on Roof Rack

    From Day 1 the roof rack on our 2017 Bolt EV never had quite the same lustre that the rest of the car's paint had. I didn't give it enough attention (as in scream bloody murder to the local dealership), and that inattention has bit us in the behind. If those roof rack components were a snake...
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    No Bolts In Canada - 12 Month Wait??!!!

    Electrek just ran an article on the dearth of Chevy Bolts in Canada despite a demand for them. Link: What is GM's problem? They have gone on record as saying that they could make 50,000 Bolts a year if there was sufficient...
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    Mar 2018 EV sales numbers

    from GetOffYourGas: I really hope it's the "Or" portion of your post. Every person I've talked to who owns an EV, every person I've talked to about the benefits of EV ownership, every friend who has test driven my Tesla all have the same types of reactions. They are a combination of...
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    Metric system, was Trip Report: Bakersfield to Grover Beach in a Bolt--Mileage Estimates Off

    What amazes me the most about the stubborn refusal of the USA to adopt the system of weights and measures used by virtually every other country on the face of the earth (and certainly by every other industrialized nation) is that we are holding onto the English system of measurements as though...
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    The "Cult" of Tesla

    A lot of great observations in this thread. One thing that continues to impress both me (Tesla S85) and my wife (Bolt) is how many EV's we see driving around relative to the almost total lack of direct advertising for this class of product. Tesla, of course, does its advertising for free via...
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    Orange County to Zion National Park (via Las Vegas) in the Bolt!

    "...there will be so many of them (Model 3s) on the road that their charging infrastructure will NOT have kept up with demand and it will be a nightmare on the road for ALL of us..." That observation is not restricted to just Tesla. With the rapid acceptance of the Bolt, and the...
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    From a Leaf to a Bolt: Early Returns

    We just went all-electric with the purchase of a Bolt for my wife. That one follows my CPO Tesla Model S85 that I got in Aug '17. We were in line for a Model 3, got an invitation to configure in January, but my wife wanted no part of the display screen, does not like sedans, requires a...