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    Radio Always On

    Love my 2023 Bolt but am annoyed with the radio which more often than not is on when I turn the car on. I can mute it, but it randomly comes back sometimes repeatedly and sometimes not at all. If I actually turn it off I lose my screen display. I Realize it is not just a radio since it is true...
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    Charging At Home

    My 2020 12v battery failed twice, but it still allowed me to charge.
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    Federal Rebate

    I leased a 2023 Bolt EV LT1 on Dec 26, 2023. My understanding is that the $7,500 federal rebate is an IRS tax credit and can not be applied by the dealer to the price of the vehicle in 2023 and that in 2024 dealers can apply it to the sale price. The sales person at the dealer said the rebate...
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    What did you do with/in your Bolt today?

    Mainly the interior is nicer with little quality features like stitching around the dash and more comfortable front seats. Also, it charges faster to a higher level. I can get 260 using my 110 outlet at home. Also, the screen layouts are much better. My wife thinks it has a more comfortable...
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    What did you do with/in your Bolt today?

    I replaced my floor mats with GM Bolt rubber mats I bought with my GM rewards earned by buying my 2023 Bolt EV in December. I previously had a 2020 and before that a 2018. The 2023 is a great improvement over the 2020.
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    2020 Steering Wheel Controls

    I have a 2020 Bolt LT and previously had a 2018 Bolt LT. On my 2018 I could scroll my audio selections from the steering wheel using the up and down arrows. This included AUX (USB) playlists, radio stations, satellite stations, etc. On my 2020 Bolt it appears this is not available and these...