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    Denver to Frisco, CO

    I didn't think about San Fransisco when I posted this... I've corrected the title. :mrgreen:
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    Denver to Frisco, CO

    And the way back down. The car was plugged into the level 2 charger at the Whole Foods for about 30 minutes, but didn't increase the charge percentage any according to the Chevy app. Chargepoint said 2.36kwh. It then sat outside for around 6 hours. The temperature was slightly below freezing...
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    Denver to Frisco, CO

    Looks like I can only put three pictures per post.
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    Denver to Frisco, CO

    Hi! I recently drove from Denver to Frisco and I figured I'd post my energy data in case anyone was interested. It was in the 70s when I left Denver and 38F in Frisco. AC/Heat were on for the whole trip and I had a 100% charge when I left. I followed the flow of traffic for the most part...
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    Engine replacement

    Picked up the car today and everything seems pretty normal. I'll be driving it more over the weekend so we'll see if any new issues pop up. :) The dealer was nice enough to give it a complete charge and wash before I picked it up.
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    Engine replacement

    I think the terms are fairly interchangeable at this point, regardless of the official dictionary definition. In any case, the replacement motor and gear assembly has arrived today and the dealer is saying they should be done at the latest by Monday.
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    Engine replacement

    I got a check engine light in stop and go traffic about two weeks ago. Onstar said the code was P1AEC. I would normally confirm with my ODB2 scanner, but it just locks up when it tries to connect. My guess is it's looking for values that don't exist. Anyway, I made an appointment with the...
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    Steering lock?

    Spoke with the dealer today: My sales guy said he sat in one of their Bolts and the wheel stopped turning after the car was off for a couple of seconds. He said their service department said that the steering takes a couple of seconds to power down. I asked him if it actually locked and he...
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    How to find out the MAC ID of the Bolt WiFi ?

    Have you tried re-entering the passphrase? It's possible to be 'connected' to a broadcasting SSID but transmitting gibberish with some software.
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    Steering lock?

    On the off chance it was detecting the keyfob I left it in the house and tried to move the wheel though the driver side window. Still spins. I guess it just doesn't lock? It would be nice of someone from Chevy could confirm. :)
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    It's just 4 black zip ties. You can kinda see them if you zoom in on the picture. There are two in the upper left and right corners and two under the license plate holder. They just snug it up against the existing grill. I was mainly concerned about gravel building up in there and less about...
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    I picked up a BoltScreen from the guy that sells the Volt and Bolt Shelves,, and I thought I'd share some pictures. Before installation: That yellow orange smear is a paper wasp flying in front of the camera. After:
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    Steering lock?

    Just picked up my Bolt today and I ran into something I've never experienced before: I'm used twisting the steering wheel while getting out of the car so that it 'locks' into position and will no longer move until the car is restarted. On the Bolt, however, no matter how much I turn the wheel...
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    Is HVAC burning you up too? Chevy says "nothing wrong"

    This is just a guess as I don't know where the Bolt's temperate sensor is, but my old Subaru Forester had a very similar problem. The issue was that the car used the motion of air passing though the duct work to suck in a small amount of air past a sensor on a perpendicular tube (the Bernoulli...
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    Test Drove and Looking For Input and Feedback

    There's no grounding pin. You had to tie the chassis to ground separately.
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    Quality Control Issues (Handles, A/C)

    Air conditioner lines are largely filled with gas. There is oil in there to help lubricate the compressor, but it's not enough to drip in most cases. Usually you just get an oily smear in the engine bay around where the leak was.
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    How many actual Bolt owners on this forum?

    I have a deposit down for one in Colorado. I can say that while I was at the dealer (it was the first day they had one available for test drives) there was a line roughly 6 people deep waiting for the car. There was also a pretty constant crowd around the floor model. The sales guy I was...
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    Car Beeping Reversing Light Bulb

    According to the manual it's a 921. I don't believe they make any of the backup light beepers in that size. You could still wire an external beeper to the reversing bulb wires, but it'd be a little more involved. From the manual: Exterior Lamp | Bulb Number Back-Up Lamps| 921 License Plate...