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    Safety issues

    I don't know about the sound in reverse but, the brake lights are only on when you are slowing down and not when stopped in "L". From a general safety standpoint you should have your brake covered when stopped anyhow. Obviously, this will turn the lights on.
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    Cold Weather Issues

    Apparently, there are few issues associated with cold weather and winter driving. I agree. However, one issue that has plagued mine is the amount of snow and ice buildup in the wheel wells when driving on streets covered with snow or slush. I seem to be cleaning them out often as the tires rub...
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    Cold Weather Issues

    Other than loss of range due to the issues related to cold weather, has anyone had any issues that are the result of cold winter driving? Mine is very happy in the cold weather with heating that works well a fairly normal driving experience, We have hit -30 degrees this winter with wind chills...
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    Driving in "L" when it is slippery

    What you are saying is technically true but, I don't know of anyone who drives any kind of a vehicle that doesn't take their foot off of the foot feed at some point when stopping. And, when conditions are bad I don't think anyone cares about region. As long as you have the range to get where you...
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    Driving in "L" when it is slippery

    In a word, don't. I live in the frozen north and although it has been cold with some snow to date, it has just started to be slippery due to roads not clearing because of a lack of sunshine. In "L" the front wheels want to slide on deceleration and control is pretty much lost. Use "D" on...
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    Location of color code sticker?

    I have looked through the entire car and find no trace of a sticker. I did find it hiding in the QR Code on the left door pillar. However you do need to have some idea of what the answer should be or you won't recognize it. 8-)
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    What MPGe are you getting?

    I haven't checked mine lately but, it is currently 10 degrees below zero, the wind is out of the north at 24 miles per hour and it is colder than humans and their cars should normally have to endure. With the conditioning using either the battery electricity or the wall chargers electricity, my...
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    Location of color code sticker?

    I have looked at my Bolt and cannot find any trace of the sticker talked about.
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    Location of color code sticker?

    The manual says: Service Parts Identification Label This label, on the inside of the trunk area, has the following information: . Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) . Model designation . Paint information . Production options and special equipment I don't know exactally where it is located...
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    Set time zone on clock?

    Check the manual. It explains how the system works.
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    Wireless Charging

    If they don't answer any longer, why is "Ask Chevrolet" still listed on this forum? Is there hope that they will return? It looks as if it is being monitored by someone. :?:
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    Wireless Charging

    You are not being rude but you are beating a dead horse. GM says it won't work and it doesn't. My post was not intended to figure out how to charge my phone, it was intended to ask Chevrolet how the proliferation of incorrect information is my problem and not theirs and as such their...
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    Wireless Charging

    I have posted this twice before on this part of the forum but somehow is seems to end up on the technical section of this forum and that isn't where I want it to be. My original inquiry to Chevrolet was: "When I got my Bolt I was told by On Star that I needed a new high performance phone if...
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    Cell Phone Charging

    When I got my Bolt I was told by On Star that I needed a new high performance phone if I wanted to use the apps. I bought a new Samsung S9 at their recommendation (I refuse to own an IPhone) There is still a problem getting the phone to sync up with the car. On Star is still working on that...
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    12 Volt Battery

    If you use the radio or other electrical equipment at length without running the car, will the 12 v battery go dead or will the big battery keep the 12 v battery charged until they both go dead?
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    Pre Conditioning

    If you are in range of the remote control, the conditioning will start with the remote start function.