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    tonneau cover questions/suggestions

    Likely a spammer.
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    Wants to buy a Bolt

    Have you ever driven an electric car? More than a few people drive one for a while, and enjoy it enough they never want to go back to a gas car. Ever. Start every day with a full "tank", and if you have enough range, never stop for a "fill up". No gasoline or hot oil dirty smells in the...
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    Wants to buy a Bolt

    $47116 is the total payments 84*549 +1000 Evergreen Chevy (and others perhaps even less) are selling the 2019 LT for $ $31,945 This is no dickering, but there would be license and...
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    Charge Hub

    A quick look tells me you should just switch to Plugshare.
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    Can I plug in a solar panel to my Bolt? As an electrical engineer, it might just barely be possible to do this with out a charger. I'd need a whole stack of solar cells, not panels, and a big box of optically isolated FET switches. A big stack of specifications. A few smart...
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    I just got my ChargePoint Card,

    CCS Chargepoint's site calls this "DC- Combo" Check the box saying DC - Combo, and only the CCS capable sites will show up on Chargepoint's map. I'd also suggest's web page and app. An L2 charger is a handy thing to have at a long stop. Like a hotel or someplace else you are...
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    little 12v battery under hood

    Heater works on the drive battery. Has to, due to 5 kW / 12 V is far too many Amps (416 A!).
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    Electrify America rolls out new app and prices

    Thanks, I've signed up. Hard to find in the play store, I opened the EA site, found the name of the ?developer? on EA's site. Search the play store for that.
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    Wenatchee to Seattle

    I have not, but I'm wondering why a charge stop isn't in the plans, at least as a contingency? I'd take Rt 2 to Monroe, then 522 to 405 to 5 to the Edmonds ferry, then Kingston to destination. It looks like you can just drive it. About 160 miles on the road. Plan B: If below about 60 miles of...
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    2019 Equinox and Bluetooth

    Sorry, base post was a spammer testing access that I thought I had deleted. Spammers will grab sort of random text from someplace and post it to test what happens. Then follow with spam postings.
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    Problem: Full charge capacity dropping

    Don't confuse Chevy and GM with the dealers. Several people have posted similar problems, and resolutions. For example:
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    So are we all going to end up buying our cars after our leases are up?

    I'd settle for a Buick version. With reasonable seats. Yes, not everyone has a problem. Some of us do.
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    Designed that way for several reasons. The HV battery is normally disconnected for safety. The 12V battery powers the circuits and relay that connects the HV battery, and various events would cause the HV battery to be disconnected, such as a crash. Or failure of the 12V electrical system...
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    Drive range questions

    Pigwich is correct. Thanks for the correction.
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    What "other" BEVs are for sale in Ohio?

    VW e-Golf is available in WA, but not Colorado or Ohio. Almost 1000 sold so far this year... WA is not a CARB state, so we don't get the CARB only cars.
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    What "other" BEVs are for sale in Ohio?

    Ford did sell the Focus Electric nationwide, but that ended that before 2018. And there isn't a 2019 Focus Electric. i-MiEV was sold nationwide. Discontinued. A cross between a jetson and Flintstone car, made for munchkins. Chevy Bolt, Nissan LEAF, BMW i3, Jaguar I Pace, Tesla S, 3, X, VW...
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    Drive range questions

    The battery is DC. No AC power is connected while the car is moving. The battery is all DC, all the time. Electronics ("the inverter") switch the DC from the battery through the phases of the motor. These electronics make 6 phases, at the frequency and voltage needed to match the speed of the...
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    Where are all the Bolts in MN?

    Manual (page 205) says: The battery takes time to cool, so I wouldn't worry about 10 hours or so. I would start to worry after a day, and wouldn't let the car go to several days if at all possible. This is another case where having a battery temperature readout would make the Bolt a better...
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    Driving in "L" when it is slippery

    Would you please check something? In a safe situation: put the car in "D" and push on the brake pedal until the tires slide. With the brake petal still pressed, check what happens to regen. With the LEAF, any brief tire slide causes the braking to switch from regen to frictional only braking...
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    DCFC's come to Interstate-5... finally!

    "30 Amp" at campgrounds is usually 120V TT-30. "50 Amp" at campground is usually 240V 50 Amp.