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    How Much I Paid for My Bolt

    Explaining how much I got my Bolt for is complicated. . . It's a black 2017 with 66k miles. I got it for $10,700 OTD because I did a thing with my friend who is a dealer where I "traded" in my eSpark to him for $6400 and he sold it to my friend on the spot for that same amount. So I mean, out...
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    Charging at Electrify America

    I'm turning twenty in a month so I am pretty young. I got my eSpark right about when I turned 17, I spent an entire summer saving up for that car. I learned about e-cars when I was 15 in Alaska after hiking to a rather depressing glacier and it made me realize combustion doesn't make sense. So...
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    Charging at Electrify America

    The not-polluting part is really the only part I care about with regards to an electric car. Not spending money out the ear in gas is just a side effect I guess. I've never owned a gasoline (combustion) powered car before so I don't really think about all those things. But I really want a...
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    Charging at Electrify America

    I just checked the Salt Lake Sam's Club Electrify America Supercharger and the one in Green River, UT on plugshare. Both are by the minute still which is a godsend for eSparks and Bolt EVs. Imna stick with free Chargepoint superchargers though (Price CP instead of Green River EA for instance)...
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    Highest Mileage Bolt EV?

    I went from Spanish Fork UT to Moab UT and used 70kWh. I think a huge part of that was the snowstorm that bogged me down in Spanish Fork Canyon. From Moab to La-Sal to Ouray took 70% of the pack if I remember right so I guess I was getting about 220/250 miles on a charge. It had 58/60kWh...
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    Class 2 hitch

    Hi internet people- I need advice finding a Class 2 hitch with a 2 inch receiver that will fit the Bolt. Camping trailer weighs 2700 lbs and 300 lb tongue laden down and the eTrailer hitch for the Bolt only does 2000 total and 200 lb tongue. GEA
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    Final eSpark adventure; time to move into a Bolt EV

    Well, I guess it's been fun- but a new adventure calls. I completed a trip to Joe's Valley in Utah in my eSpark from Santaquin UT to get some bouldering in as a way to send it off. I've done a lot of challenging drives in my eSpark but this one honestly takes the cake. In my other adventures I'd...
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    Highest Mileage Bolt EV?

    I think I drove a Bolt with 117,000 miles to Colorado last november. Can't remember though. It was a 2017 fully loaded
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    Charging at Electrify America

    The issues with the Bolt charging on the EA system seems to be pretty weird. I have charged a Bolt on their units a few times and haven't had a hitch. First try, with the app (only just started using a credit card at their locations). Both ABB, Signet. A friend of mine drove his Bolt from...
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    Modifying a Bolt's clearance.

    I posted an earlier thread about towing with the Bolt and it sounds like a really bad idea. Still like the Bolt too much to pass up so now the question is how far can I modify it. I have a couple questions I was hoping the community could answer: -I know from experience that the Bolt has crappy...
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    Towing really heavy stuff with the Bolt

    18 foot trailer perhaps with e brakes?
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    Towing really heavy stuff with the Bolt

    Hello internet people- I am in a serious conundrum- I am about to build my first house (exciting!!) in six or so months and am seriously considering doing it in a 24' airstream. I want the flexibility of moving it and I don't want to burn gas doing so and my first (and current) car is an...