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    when do brake lights come on with one pedal driving?

    See this post
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    I leased my car last Friday and fully charged the car on Sunday. Since then, I drove 155 miles with 30kWh battery usage. This is mostly to work and from work - 7 miles @35mph and 3 miles @60mph with several stops one way. I use L mode all the time.
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    Lease deals in VA or MD on Bolt LT

    Haha. You're right. Still too excited.
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    Lease deals in VA or MD on Bolt LT

    I bought the car. See my post here
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    How Much I Paid for My Bolt

    I got my Nightfall Gray Metallic Bolt yesterday. This is LT model with Comfort and Convenience and Driver Confidence packages and DC fast charger. I didn't put any money down or pay any taxes, fees upfront. I've just paid first month lease. I also got lease guard ($599) included. My monthly...
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    How Much I Paid for My Bolt

    Where did you get this deal?
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    Lease deals in VA or MD on Bolt LT

    I'm looking to lease Bolt LT with two convenience packages and DC fast charger. I'm looking at dealers in NOVA or MD since where I live (Roanoke, VA) there is only one Bolt available so good deal is unlikely. I'd appreciate any suggestions. Is $300 lease (10K) with zero down + fees for this...
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    Bolt won't remember my 12 amp setting

    A wire additionally to wire size it's also rate by insulation max temperature. Since this wire is rated 90C (dry), it can safely handle up to 14 amps. This is not regular romex wire that can only handle 60C.