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    2020 Bolt lease buyout - Battery recall.

    Thank you BoltEV, Update .. As expected GM financial will only allow a lease buyout at the residual value outlined in the contract. The GM concierge has offered a rebate in the amount of three monthly lease payments as compensation for the newly required 6200mile battery software diagnostic...
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    2020 Bolt lease buyout - Battery recall.

    Hello forum users, My 3 year lease (2020 Bolt EV) is ending in October and I'm going to buy the car since It has low miles & I like it. GM has not replaced the main traction battery despite my numerous attempts to check status. The GM Concierge says they can sell me the car without performing...
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    Public charging

    Jill, The click you're hearing as you plug your level 2 home charger into the car is simply a physical latch catching the tab on the standard j1772 'nozzle'. When you unplug it at home again you push the button on top of the J1772 'nozzle' disengaging the physical latch to remove it from the...
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    Public charging

    You should hear a '' sound a few seconds after you start a charge? That's the 'nozzle' locking into the car. If that's not happening there's a problem with the car and dealer service is needed. AJ
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    Public charging

    Welcome jhoffman2, Assuming this is at a DC fast charge station .. Does this happen at more than one facility, different charging provider? I've had this happen before the 'nozzle' clicks into the car & locks it into the CCS port on the car during the Charger/Bolt 'handshake' communication...
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    Charging Error at EVgo & at home

    I've had some older EVgo DCFC units near me 'time out' prematurely with a "Charging Error" message. Those ABB units have had issues from the early days for me & not just with Bolts. I've not had a problem at home on my Bosch level 2 charger. A 240V, 30A circuit for full Level 2 charging at...
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    Bolts in Arizona heat

    Yeah .. taking the car down to ~18 miles range is risky without running AC .. with AC it's not doable. The Plugshare app is showing a single NEMA 14-50 electric outlet in Ajo (see pic). I believe the Bolt EUV level 2, 7.2 kW charger that comes with the car will plug into that. You can...
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    What can I do?

    Hi kentever1, This isn't related to your VIN but .. You may want to install a NEMA 14-50 outlet at your home .. ie: a 40A, 220V circuit for the 7.2kW EVSE charger that comes with your new Bolt EV .. or a bigger 60A, 220V dedicated circuit and a 11kW wall mounted maxed out home charger. I...
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    New Bolt order

    Federal & State Rebates, Tax credits usually require a copy of a signed contract to purchase the vehicle which would include the VIN as well as other info uploaded into an application at some sort of government website. In most cases you won't be required/asked to sign a contract until you...
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    New Bolt order

    Congrats kentever1 and welcome! .. I've been driving Bolt EV's for 5 years and I love 'em. You're gonna love yours too. I hope you have the terms for your purchase prior to the order you placed in writing. Car dealers sometimes change things when the time comes to sign the contract and pick up...
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    free charging at Electrify America

    I can confirm that I charged free at EA in the SF east bay on December 24 .. and A Merry Christmas to ALL! -- Talking with another EV driver there we decided while VW did some bad things it's effort in making amends Re: 'Dieselgate' has been a good thing for US. AJ
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    Chevrolet/GM update on new battery software package

    I think my 2020 Bolt EA charged at 60kW once .. Not bad. With 50-53kW typical. Thanks, AJ
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    Chevrolet/GM update on new battery software package

    All, -- My question is that when all the software fixes, module replacements are done will our cars charge faster? .. Please! I had a serious case of DCFC envy recently when I was at an Electrify America facility and noticed a VW ID4 charging at 107kW right next to me. Wishful thinking...
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    Unable to charge

    Hello odonnes1! .. It looks like you may have to change some settings/do a wifi setup procedure using the emporia app. the following PDF may help you do that...
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    Trailer hitch operation

    Hi tkone, Unfortunately, it looks like GM in the USA is saying "No Trailers" .. On page 233 of my 2020 Bolt EV manual the following message is provided: Perhaps you could invest in a roof rack system to meet your needs? AJ
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    EA: Give 'em hell (that's what they want)

    (10/23/2021 update) .. After a recent 2000 mile trip with my 2020 Bolt EV I'm revising my opinion here .. I'm pleased to report that charging at Electrify America locations worked out well and I averaged 55kW at their DCFC units over a dozen separate sessions. I joined their $4/month plan to...
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    My Chevrolet app quit working.

    FYI: I tried uninstalling and re-installing the 'My Chevrolet' app .. and now it works just fine again on my Android 7 phone. *AyeJay scratches head* ..
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    My Chevrolet app quit working.

    Well .. so am I and thankfully everything still works. :P .. I'm on a fixed income, am not addicted to my phone like so many of my friends are and have never had a security issue b/c I don't expect wireless phones to be secure. Every other EV related app I have works .. Chevrolet is the only...
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    My Chevrolet app quit working.

    Hello, About 2 weeks ago my Android 7.0 cell phone started hanging on the "find new roads" screen when I try to use the app to lock doors, check range etc .. I called Chevrolet and they said they'd been updating the app for two months & it now requires Android 9.0 or newer OS .. Lots of other...
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    Charging At Home

    I would add that the 2022 Bolt EUV is apparently capable of 11.5 kW (48A 240VAC) level 2 charging .. That would require a 60A 240VAC circuit.