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    Used 2017 Bolt with 115,000 miles-need advice

    /r There is no such thing as 140 volts. Maybe you meant 240 volts... If you can only charge at 110, you only get 4 or 5 miles per hour charging - that seems like a non starter to me.
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    Infotainment screen takes several minutes to turn on

    Apr 11, 2019Press and hold Home+FF (the two buttons to the right of the volume knob) for ~7 seconds and the infotainment system will reboot.
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    My Flawless (almost) 2017 Bolt

    That's a good way to extend your range even further: drive until you start running out of juice, then pull out the solar panels and a tent and wait until you get some more range...
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    Electrify America EV Charging Payment SNAFU

    We have a 2017 Bolt and a 2017 Model 3. Each car has its merits: for certain drives the Bolt is the baller, and in others the Tesla wins. One thing that seems incredible about Supercharging that I can not figure out why the EA/EvGo/etc. companies are not duplicating, is the plug in and charge...
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    Used 2017 Bolt with 115,000 miles-need advice

    Why so coy? What is the price? Btw, my 2017 Bolt has 87,000 miles, with about 50,000 miles on the new battery. It is a San Francisco car and shows zero battery degradation. For instance there is a 2019 Bolt with an upgraded battery on Craigslist with 40,000 miles for $12,000 so your car should...
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    My 2017 Chevy BOLT EV

    Actually I think Apple CarPlay is fantastic. It is really a better solution than a dedicated system in my book, since our phones are updated all the time, which removes the hassle of updating the software of the dedicated system.
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    VINDICATED: Finally - GM to launch updated vehicle navigation system

    I could not disagree with you more on this issues. Having the software on the phone is awesome. Also, it is too late for me, but the 2022 Bolt has wireless CarPlay, so you don't even have to plug it in. 1) Case in point: my 20005 totally loaded Honda Accord with navigation. This cost a pretty...
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    Main USB ports (connected to main screen) Failure

    My 2017 Premier with 42,000 miles has a problem: my 2 main USB ports just failed. They no longer charge not connect the phone with the brain. The 2 ports for the back seat (rear of center console) are still working, but they don't connect to the brain - they are not designed to. I use Apple...
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    My experience with the Grizzl-e EVSE that we bought

    I helped my friend buy a level 2 outdoors EVSE for your Bolt, and after researching this blog, we decided on a Grizzl-e Classic. I liked the idea that they seemed to be a smart young company who seemed attentive to quality. My friend who happens to be a single woman with zero technical...