Some Chevy Bolts now available in Michigan, orders open in Texas

Officially set to receive the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt in September 2017, there are a few dealerships in Michigan that now list Chevy Bolts for sale on their website.One dealership, Feldman Chevrolet in Novi, has 4 Bolt EVs listed on their site. Looking at the window stickers in the images, it looks like the cars are from California. It looks like the dealership has managed to get some shipped from California so that they can offer them locally.

Currently on AutoTrader, there are 4 Bolts for sale in Hawaii – another state not scheduled to receive any until September. There are also 3 dealerships with Bolts in Florida, and a dealership in Kansas and Minnesota also have two 2017 Bolt EVs for sale.

In the State of Texas, not slated to receive the Bolt electric vehicle until June, has opened up ordering and a deposit can be made online. This doesn’t necessarily mean the cars will show up sooner than June, but some are speculating that the excess inventory in California could be leading to sped-up rollouts for the rest of the country.

One thought on “Some Chevy Bolts now available in Michigan, orders open in Texas

  1. Mark

    They only have 2 in ohio. I think they shouldn’t make it sound like they are not selling a lot when every state doesn’t have them. And they are bolt ev dealers ships.


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