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Oct 10, 2016
I had a 2017 Bolt for nearly 3 years and 49,000 miles and got Newcaritius; traded it in on a 2020 model, Premium trim level. Couple of issues:

I had dome "something" so that pressing the lock/unlock button the the door(s) would unlock all doors with a single button press. For the life of me, I can't remember what I did, nor can I find it in the manual. I was also unable to find it in a search of the forum.

The 2017 had a few different options for the infotainment screen "home" layout. I liked the one that had the energy pie chart on the RH side, with the clock display below, and the radio channel display on the LH side. Haven't figured out how to change the display on the 2020, other than being able to put the analog clock in the center of the screen, with most of the other functions "gone".

Still leaning about some of the other features such as charge level. My usual charging routine was to use the Hilltop Reserve 6 days/week, then reset it to 100% for Friday. I got pretty good at doing those adjustments, but will have to learn the new routine a bit better.

Any help?

FWIW: The 2017 was entirely trouble-free, with the usual exception of rare glitches of the infotainment system, fixed with a quick reboot. Not a big issue, I think it happened fewer than a half-dozen times. Great vehicle, highly under rated.